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located in Sheepish, a part of Far From Home: REBOOT, one of the many universes on RPG.


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Despite the sun hanging in the sky and little to no clouds, the city was dead silent. The parks were empty, the shops were closed, and only the odd soul could be seen wandering about in the streets. This, though perhaps a litte weird, was perfectly normal.

The Sheepish City had always been known for it's odd behaviour. Life was absent during the day, whereas it was booming during the night. Travelers had stumbled across the place countless times and thought the that the city was abandoned, which had earned them quite a surprise once the sun started to set. A flood of people, stringing lights through the trees and playing music through loud speakers proved that the city wasn't dead after all.

Still, it was no doubt that Sheepish was an especially unique place. Ellis Flinch was one of the many unlucky ones living in it.

Ellis had learned a lot of things in his fifteen years of life. 1) Don't mess with Spell-Casters, 2) Don't steal from guests, 3) Never insult the Plant People, and 4) Never pry too much into someone else's business. He could have counted a lot more, but those were the simple basics. At least, the ones that would keep him out of the most trouble.

In fifteen years, Ellis had managed to stick close with the basics. Up until the Releasing, that is. Which happened to be today. Right now. Where he had been messing with Spell-Casters in order to steal from some guests who had happened to be plants, all because he couldn't stay out of someone's business. He had broken his own rules in a short time span of twelve minutes, and was still breaking them five minutes after. Quite frankly, Ellis Flinch deserved a round of applause for his own stupidity.

"You're who now?"
The clerk lady of the medical building asked. She was staring at him through her pink-rimmed spectacles, most positively judging him. She hadn't bought his fib of being Orchid Larkspur, which was a shame because he had done so much to snag the poor guy's ID. She also hadn't believed him when he told her that he was a certified doctor, visiting all the way from the Tall Twelve Towers. The lady was smart, Ellis would give her that.

"I told you, I'm I doctor." Ellis repeated, his voice serious. He was trying to make himself look busy by adjusting his tie. "I've got business to atten-"

"Ellis Flinch." The woman stated flatly. "A stick-on mustache and a suit is not enough to make you a different person. Besides, you were here yesterday doing the same thing."

Ellis felt his shoulders sag. "I have to see them, Eleanor. Just one quick peak and I'll be gone, okay? Just-"

"The Dreamers are off limits." Eleanor sighed. "I told you yesterday and the day before that, and now I'm telling you again. No visitors. No peaking. No 'sneaking little kids in because they beg the receptionist'. Now give Orchid is ID back and go home."

Ellis glared at her. The Dreamers had arrived a little over a month ago, and still hardly anyone knew anything about them. Were they dangerous? Were they aliens (well they were from 'Earth', but still)? Space travelers? Serial killers? Who knew? The only thing that was for sure was that they were 'probably human' and came from a 'distant planet'. Even then, how reassuring was that? Ellis was dying to know everything about them. His curiosity was only to benefit himself, sure, but that didn't have to be bad. He was trying to regain his status as a Helper. What better way of doing that other than to help? He could assist these 'probably human's, help them figure out what happened to them. That was, if Eleanor let him past her desk...

Ellis was about to ask again when the sound of the shifting gears of the Lifter flooded the main entrance of the building. Both he and Eleanor glanced at eachother in confusion, then turned their eyes to the machine. After a few long seconds the doors slid open, and out stepped three people accompanied by three guards. Ellis could tell that two of them were girls and one was a boy, but other than that he had no idea who they were. He looked back at Eleanor, who in turn gave him a nod.

Then, he knew. They were the Dreamers. They were leaving.