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located in Skaiya, a part of The Sky We Love, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Layla Dove Character Portrait: Gray Character Portrait: Oliver
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Layla had been flying around above the forest, searching for her friend Gray, when the sky started to open up. She didn't know anything about portals or dimensions and Skaiya didn't have the technology to create such a machine. 'What the...' Layla was confused. The usual blue of the sky swirled into shades of black, the wind picked up and interfered with Layla's leverage. But then something fell from the hole, or rather, someone.

The hole sealed up an instant after Layla noticed the human (whom she thought was a Furress at first) falling from the sky, plummeting to their death below. On instinct Layla tilted her wings forward and went into a nosedive for the person. She didn't notice Gray watching from his tree home, nor did she stop to think about what she was doing. Layla didn't have enough time to slow her speed and she slammed full-on into the person, catching them but losing her altitude and crashing into the top of a tree.

Layla was stuck in the branches, and luckily so was the person she'd saved. "Um...sorry about that...?" Layla couldn't see anything through the falling twigs and leaves from impact on the tree.