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Bavol noticed the shift in expression as Yeu looked to her with a rather serious stare, before questioning with, ”Gore?” Bavol looked to her subordinate for a silent moment as she gathered her thoughts over what he was referring to - not long naturally her focus fell onto his familiar and loyal friend with whom she had seen not too long before. "Please do not fret about Gore I can assure you he’s doing good. He’s doing his job and keeping our realm in-check whilst we are gone - I’m rather appreciative of him for doing that despite the situation.” She tried to reassure her subordinate as best as she could at that moment with a smile, hoping his mind would ease in-regards to his familiar just a little. ”He’ll be ever better once we get you out of here so lets just focus on that for now.”

She could tell he was looking her over - though for what she couldn’t think. It wasn’t until he asked, ”Did you bring it with you?”, that Bavol had a realization and quickly began to feel around in her pockets. A moment or so after she pulled out the small wooden device that Gore had given her prior and instantly held it out in front of Yeu. ”Is this what your referring to?” She whispered after being mindful that the pair may or may not be entirely alone. It didn’t make the Princess feel any more at ease knowing that the latter was seemingly more likely.

With that in mind Bavol took the wooden item and quickly shoved it tightly into the hands of Yeu, clasping his fingers over it securely before retuning her hands onto her own lap in a rather innocent fashion. ”Gore gave it to me after they hauled you away so I kept it with me. I figured it would come in handy - and its probably safer in your hands than mine, knowing me I‘ll lose it or something worse.” She spoke with a hushed voice, though self-doubt was evidently threaded through her words.

Looking up to her friend quietly the white-haired girl silenced herself momentarily, allowing her subordinate the time he needed to study the device and analyze it as she knew he would. Whilst she sat, the girl titled her head a little and grasped at a strand of loose hair and hung over her shoulder at that moment, twisting and turning the end playfully with her fingers as the action occupied her attention for some minutes, before dropping the hair and allowing it to return to the rest that flowed down her back. Facing Yeu, she looked him up and down, waiting to hear what he had to say about it.

”Well?” She asked a moment later, throwing her hair to the side as she moved her head a little, looking to her subordinate curiously. ”What do you think?” Her stare fixed onto the wooden device once more.

Cuthbert Baltair

As he stood idly in the courtyard Cuthbert flinched a little as he heard a voice suddenly though the barer was seemingly familiar, to which proved to be true, as he turned his stare to the side and saw a teacher approach him. It was Cerbin, and once close enough Cuthbert turned to face the man fully with his claymore in hand.

The man addressed him with, “Seems you made it to this part kid. If you want to quite, this is your only chance. Though I guess you wouldn't be here if you were going to quit before the entrance exam.” Cuthbert remained still and gave little in the way of expression as his blank stare merely lowered just a little towards the ground. Just then though Cerbin continued, prompting the boy to face him directly again. “You're a knight right?” The youth offered a nod in response. “Then you should know that it's a knights duty to be the brawn of his team. As such, you must get used to fighting demons face to face. With that being said,” Glancing to the side of Cerbin the boy noticed odd movements of his shadow that lingered behind the man, causing Cuthbert to fidget a little in the meantime as the teacher added, ”You will have to last ten minutes fighting my familiar. The winning conditions are lasting long enough. The losing conditions are taking enough injuries for me to stop the battle and also you giving up. Though, I really don't want to see you give up. Do you accept?

Cuthbert nodded again, giving his claymore a few swings back and forth after doing so. ”I accept,” He answered simply before standing still once more and taking a deep breath. ”I don’t plan on loosing - even if I take a lot of damage I’ll keep going for as long as I need to. Just remember that, Cerbin.” Taking a step back he shifted his feet into a defensive stance and readied his blade in front of him as he held it securely in his hands. Giving the teacher a nod, the boy stood ready and waiting for the battle to commence.