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located in The Dome, a part of Cultured for the Humans, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dome



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Thomas was late getting to the Leisure Dome. He seemed to be late getting almost anywhere these days. He couldn't help it. Try as he might to pay attention, he couldn't help himself from drifting off, especially with Adam's words of escape going round and round in his head. His mind was constantly occupied with thoughts of what lay outside the Dome, and, more recently, how he could go about getting there. Prior to leisure time he'd been sitting in the dining room, trying to figure out exactly what part of the Dome might contain an exit. So far the Carers had written off his tardiness to one activity or another as absentmindedness (for which they'd chastised him sharply), but he had a feeling they were growing suspicious of his lateness and apathy towards Dome activities. His failure to enthusiastically engage in the "perfect world" the Carers had manufactured was a threat to the Dome's delicate balance, a seemingly minute transgression that was just enough to disrupt the Dome's daily routine. And if there was one thing the Carers hated, it was a disruption to the routine. The Carers would never admit it, but at any given moment the Dome was on the precipice of total chaos. It was a delicate and carefully crafted world in which they lived- a world that, with the information Adam had provided, was beginning to crumble around the edges.

Thomas made his way into the Leisure Dome, scanning the clusters of Cultureds for familiar faces. He felt a pang of guilt as he spotted Leah lying in the grass, separate from the other Cultureds. She hadn't been herself since he'd shared what he'd overheard, and he couldn't blame her. If what Adam had said was true (and he believed it was), she could be in real trouble. It seemed she was with the Carers nearly every day now, undergoing one "treatment" or another. If she wasn't being "cared for", she was in her cell, recovering from some strenuous procedure. Sometimes she'd describe to him what she'd experienced, and he could hear the note of fear in her voice, although she did her best to hide it. He wondered if he'd been right to tell her what he'd heard. He wanted to be honest with her, but it seemed almost cruel to have her worry when he was powerless to do anything to help her. Still, he couldn't help but think it would have been worse leaving her in the dark. She deserved to know the truth...they all did.

Still feeling guilty, he began making his way towards her, the grass brushing against his legs as he cut a path towards her. Was this what real grass was like? Adam had said things outside the Dome were very different, but he hadn't said exactly how. Not to Thomas, anyway. Thomas had to keep reminding himself that he was never supposed to have heard the conversation at all. He understood why Adam had kept quiet, but if he couldn't help feeling a twinge of indignation at Adam's secrecy. If what he said was true, then the Cultureds were in danger. Leah was in danger. Didn't he care at all? Thomas reached Leah and sat himself in grass beside her, feeling a bit awkward. She looked tired, and paler than usual. He felt like an intruder, invading her quiet, peaceful world. "Hello," he said, his voice seeming incredibly loud in the quiet that surrounded them, " are you? Are you...feeling alright?" It seemed like a silly question to ask (she certainly didn't look like she felt alright), but he wasn't sure where else to begin. It'd certainly be easier to talk her if he wasn't still feeling guilty for sharing information with her he wasn't supposed to have heard in the first place.