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located in Skaiya, a part of The Sky We Love, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Gray watched Layla as she spoke, keeping his expression as passive and nonchalant as he possibly could as he leaned over the branch to get a better look at the young male. And, almost suddenly, his eyes went hard and he whipped his head towards her, almost looking offended. "He looks nothing like my kind," he said, an edge to his voice. "For one thing, he's got no ears, nor a tail. He belongs to no species, no clan. Nothing that sets him out to be a Furress. If anything, he looks more like an Angelus with his wings cut off," he said. "Either way, my father is a reasonable man, as you know, and would accept this outsider if I were to vouch for him." His voice trailed off and his expression softened considerably as he moved from his branch to theirs, moving closer to Layla so that his whisper would be audible to her.

"We know nothing of this creature," he said, trying his best to keep the worry out of his voice. "Yes, this one does seem clumsy and harmless, but he could simply be the marking point that draws the others here and, without proper knowledge of their kind, how are we supposed to defend our land if they should want to share our forests?" he questioned, then paused to wonder briefly about whether or not he was even making sense. "For all we know, his kind could favour hostility over peace. He is clearly not from out land, and may not know of our ways. I'm telling you this, Layla, as your friend more than anything else but also as soon-to-be Leader of my people: I will not endanger those I love simply because of your soft heart." Gray's eyes found hers and he wanted nothing more than to keep his friend happy, but he had to be logical about this.