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located in Sheepish, a part of Far From Home: REBOOT, one of the many universes on RPG.


Workinngg oonn thisss


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Curiosity, yes, curiosity was what stayed his hand at the appearance of the tiny red haired child as she had approached him and reached up to his hand. If she had been an adult, he would have struck her down for getting in his path as the other man had quickly learned, but she was merely a child, there was little she could do to him, and more then that, children were always odd in their actions and purpose. But it seems he had underestimated the child, his emerald green eyes narrowed the tiny sparks that seemed to dance between his knuckles and her hand. The lightning that seemed to crackle in the background despite the sky being clear, it was an odd mixture, one that to his surprise, no one else besides himself seemed to notice. Were the others simply fools or oblivious? If his brief venture into this cesspit of sheeps and shepherds had taught him anything, it was likely that it was both.

Gripping his blade, he prepared to finish his task pushing the fire haired child out of his mind, for now, until she had done something to surprise him once again. Her words sparked a momentary hesitation in him as his eyes flicked over to her again, did she truly think that such a thing would work? Drills? Was she out of her wits? What kind of falsehood wa... no, perhaps it was the truth for why would someone choose such an obvious falsehood? Artos roamed the child's face, her fierce eyes that almost seemed to be challenging him, daring him to call her bluff, but was it? The people here seemed to have no idea what she was talking about made painfully obvious by a rather dull woman who could not seem to make a connection unless it was put in front of her. He was tempted to inform her that a man bleeding and another with a blade should have been an answer on its own, but he did not, as his mind was consumed by the small child, did she dare try and deceive him with such a bad deception? Or... was it the truth?

Another sheep had come to the pen, this one a blond, his eyes noted, as she seemed to back the child's story up, or try and support the deception. The girls? Was she referring to the oblivious black haired woman with the odd club? That seemed rather unlikely given how clueless she was of what was transpiring, but perhaps she wasn't referring to the girl with the metallic club? The idea that she would 'press' charges was laughable, the corrupt guards in the city would do no such thing if this truly was no deception then they should have done a better job of informing people of what was going on, and he could not allow himself to be held for he had a task to complete, and he would cut down anyone that tried to stop him.

Again?, the dark voice crawled into the back of his mind, I did not recall asking for your input, Artos thought back, his eyes staring at the two before him, the girl and the child.

The order... must be obeyed. Master demands, Artos let his blade lower a fraction of an inch as he realized the creatures meaning, yes, perhaps this wasn't a deception, but he did not have time to waste on the corrupt and ill-trained sheeps pretending to be guards. Yes, he would allow this 'boy' to leave.

Artos closed his eyes for a fraction of a second as he regained control of his mind and locked the beast back within its cage, but his eyes snapped open, and he turned his head to the left, towards the bleeding man to see a boy kneeling next to him, chanting and healing him. His eyes narrowed, they had deceived him. It had been a ruse, a ruse he had almost fallen for. They had been waiting for him to be distracted.

It was a quick and simply movement as he stepped to the side, pulling the boy with him as if he weighed nothing, and thrusting the blade down and into the leg of the nearly healed man, the blood spluttering forth as the main artery was severed; it was merely a shame the man had already passed out from bloodloss before. The boy that healed him would also suffer for his part deception, but his thoughts were cut off by the sound of running footsteps, turning his head, he barely managed to catch sight of the same clueless woman running at him with that strange club of hers taking a swing at him. With his blade on the other side of him, he would not be able to deflect her, so he used what he had. If the woman wanted to save the thief from his punishment, she would be the one that carried out the sentence. With his left hand still holding onto the boys throat, he lifted him off his feet and into the air... straight into the path of the oncoming metallic club.