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located in Skaiya, a part of The Sky We Love, one of the many universes on RPG.




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A faint smile toyed with the corners of Gray's lips. He was simply just relieved that his friend understood his concerns, though he had no reason to believe she wouldn't in the first place. It was then that she asked a favour of him and he, in turn, nodded his head rather slowly, hesitating as a sudden fear washed over him. "To the castles?" he asked, scrambling for whatever was left of the faint smile that had slipped across his lips just moments ago. "As in, all the way up there?" he continued, pointing. He lowered his hand as quickly as he'd raised it, but figured that she knew what he meant. "As long as you're sure I won't suffocate die," he then said after a drawn-out silence, "'cause my father, although reasonable, has quite a temper. That and the fact that I quite like living, y'know."

Without saying much else, Gray simply grabbed the boys arms and slung his entire weight over onto his shoulders, then leapt down from the branch. "He's not nearly as heavy as I thought he would be," Gray remarked, though his eyes were glued to the broken stairs just beyond the trees. He looked to Layla, waiting for her to take the lead as she knew those lands better than he ever could. "Ladies first," he said with a smile.