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located in The Dome, a part of Cultured for the Humans, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dome



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The feeling of Peter's hands in hers banished Beth's anxiety, and her body flooded with feelings of warm contentment. For a moment, they lost themselves in each other, each overwhelmed by the simple joy of being with the other. And then, as was so often the case, the blissful moment was shattered by the reality of their situation. Peter's eyes darted right, surveying their surroundings, and Beth felt herself tense, her hand now poised to withdraw from his. Someone could come walking through the trees at any moment, and there was no way of knowing what might happen then. You were never truly alone in the Dome, and it was a well known fact that most secrets, no matter how well kept, got back to the Carers eventually. That was why it was so dangerous to associate with Adam, especially with him sharing his nonsense stories. If Beth and Peter's handholding was considered an indiscretion, Beth could only imagine what the Carers would have to say about one of the Cultureds sharing the stories of his escape. "I think now would be a perfect time to head to our garden?" Peter kept his voice light and pleasant, ensuring that anyone who might happen to overhear wouldn't give his words a second thought. It was only Beth, looking directly into Peter's eyes, who knew what he truly meant: Let's get away from here. Let's go somewhere safe.

She returned his charming smile with one of her own and followed him off to the clearing, their fingers still intertwined. As they walked, Beth couldn't help but wish they could keep walking, right out of the Dome and off to somewhere better. She dismissed the thought as soon as it popped into her head, appalled that her mind, usually so logical, would produce such delusions of grandeur. Then again, something about Peter had always made it exceedingly difficult for Beth to think logically. Before long the two of them had arrived at the clearing, and Beth breathed a small sigh of relief. While still not truly alone, it was as close to a private space as the two of them had been able to find. Confident they were as far from the others as they could be, Beth joined Peter against the trunk of the tree, positioning herself so that she could lean against him. "It's crazy how it feels like forever since we could finally get away," Peter mused. Beth nodded her agreement, trying to recall the last time they'd been to the clearing. Peter had had his hands full with Adam, who they both considered to be a loose canon. He was unpredictable, and the two of them had decided that someone needed to be watching him at all times. Since Peter was Adam's best friend, the job usually fell to him. With all the time they'd spent policing Adam, it'd left little time for the two of them. "I know," said Beth, tucking a stray strand of pale blonde hair behind her ear. "The days have been dragging by. They always seem to go by slower when I can't see you." She blushed slightly at her confession. The fact that she was blushing embarrassed her further, which made her blush even more.

Peter casually took her hand once more, and she observed the sight of their fingers together, studying the way their hands fit together. Maybe it was her heart playing tricks on her eyes, but she didn't think she'd ever seen two things fit together more perfectly. "I wonder if the other domes have a more interesting schedule. …Like more free time to spend with whoever we choose." Beth felt her heart skip a beat at Peter's words. There had to be a name for what she was feeling. She wondered if any of the other Cultureds had felt it. She supposed it was possible, but it didn't seem likely. The Carers frowned upon relationships of any nature, and most Cultureds would rather play things safe, given that the Carers watched them so closely. Some of the Cultureds didn't even maintain friendships, let alone... whatever it was that was happening between her and Peter. "I'm pretty sure I could do this all day..." Peter smiled at her, and Beth felt herself light up on the inside. "Me too," she said, trying very hard not to think of how much of their time together was already gone. Why did their leisure time have to be so short? "There's never enough time, is there?" she trailed off, her free hand tracing lazy circles in the dirt.

They sat in silence for the next few minutes, enjoying each other's company. The dome was sunny and pleasant, as always, and Beth felt warm and content. Well, as content as she was capable of feeling under the current circumstances. All was well until Peter's voice broke the silence, dragging the question that'd been lurking at the back of their minds to the forefront. "What are we going to do about Adam?" Peter's words sat between them, awkward and heavy as a large boulder. Beth's face fell at the mention of Adam's name. She knew the question had been resting heavily on both their minds, but still, she'd been enjoying her alone time with Peter. She felt her frustrations with Adam well up inside her, leaving a stony expression on her face and a bitter taste in her mouth. Her body, relaxed moments before, was now tense and rigid, her spine straight against the trunk of the tree. Nothing made her more anxious than thinking about Adam.

"I...I suppose we're going to have to talk to him," she said, her voice quiet and resigned. "Make him see reason." That was there only hope, wasn't it? To sit Adam down and tell him he had to let go of his delusions, once and for all? "And if we can't make him understand," Beth took a deep breath, preparing herself for what she was about to say "then...then we'll just have to tell him that he's on his own. That we can't be responsible for him anymore. I won't let his selfish plotting and scheming ruin this." Ruin us she added in her mind. She felt her cheeks burning, and she lowered her head to hide her furious blush. Oh Adam she thought Why do you always have to make things so difficult?