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located in New York, a part of Victims of the Bond, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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The hospital room was quiet and for once, almost peaceful if you ignored the beeping and whirring of the various machinery surrounding the small figure on the bed. Tubes travelled from him connecting him to those machines working non stop to keep him alive, removing toxins from his body, providing him nourishment and generally helping his body perform its normal everyday functions. In fact he was surrounded by so many tubes that they almost obscured his face completely but the little girl sat beside him could never forget who he was or why he was there. Stricken grey eyes seemed huge in a pale face that had yet to take on the beauty of adulthood. The young girl was glad the room was quiet as she knew, on some instinctual level, that what she was about to do had to remain a secret. She didn't really understood why but the why was not important right then.

She slowly knelt on the chair and leaned forward until she partially over the small boy's body, she hesitated then, a small frown on her face as she wondered how to do what she needed to. But again somehow the answer came to her and she gently laid her hands on either side of the boy's head. She didn't truly understand what was wrong with him, her eight year old mind unable to grasp the complexities of a brain tumor, but she knew her twin was dying and that it was something in his head that was killing him. She also didn't understand how the angel had given her the power to save him but understanding wasn't needed just belief and she believed in it completely as only a child could.

Taking a deep breath she concentrated on making her brother get better, he had to get better he was her twin the other half of her and the only person she had in the world. At first she wasn't sure if anything had happened and then she noticed that her brother wasn't looking so pale and then she felt the pain in her head. It was like nothing she had ever felt in her short life and had no way of dealing with it. She fell off the chair, hardly feeling the impact of the floor and curled up in a ball, she began screaming and didn't stop even when the room was suddenly filled with people all talking and exclaiming over her and her brother. She continued screaming until her voice was raw and even then she tried...

Meredith sat up with a cry pressing her hands to her head for a moment still believing she was back in that hospital room, eight years old with a brain tumour suddenly in her head. Jake sat up and whined softly before shuffling closer until he was able to nudge her with his head. Hands shaking she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight using him to calm her panic. After a few moments she was calm enough to remember where she was and what had happened. A small smile grew into a wide grin when she saw Jamie still beside her. He had stayed with her all night, her heart felt like it would burst out of her chest with the elation that made her feel. Waking up beside him made the nightmare seem nothing and for that she would be forever grateful.

She saw him twitch and she worried she had woken him with her cry, she hoped not as she was sure he needed the rest after taking care of her all night. It was then that she felt the weakness in her limbs and the yawning ache in her stomach that told her she needed food, a lot of it, and soon. But she did not want to go get food just yet, she wanted to prolong the feel of her chosen beside her for as long as possible. Even though she felt weak and ravenous she also couldn't help the rush of desire that rushed through her at seeing her chosen in all of his power and masculinity in her bed.

Wanting to let him sleep but also wanting to touch him Meredith could not help leaning over him and lightly kissing him on the lips before moving to his ear and then the hollow of his neck. He smelled of the outdoors and leather and Meredith could not get enough of him. She was sure some of the attraction was because of the bond, surely being so physically attracted to someone wasn't normal was it? But she didn't care. he was like a drug that she could never have enough of and right then all she wanted was to be back in the pool with him lost in the rush of passion.