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Thomas Currie

"You think like a natural, not a supernatural. We have our purpose. When our purpose is done, we are no longer needed and will gladly return to the void. As for why we don't go to space? We've already been there."

The creature that was Thomas snarled viciously and slashed at the branch pinning him down with one claw, stabbing at Daniel with the other, hoping to hold him fast, as the weight of the werewolf would press the broken and now sharpened branch into Thomas' chest.

"This.. pitiful.. lump of.. dirt. Is. Last."

Then he spat blood into Daniel's face and rippled. An explosion was imminent.

Rubrec DeBheil

Rubrec winked out of existance where he had been just moments before and blinked into being just next to Daniel.

"No! Something's not.. right about this...rrraaaagh!"

He clasped his head and collapsed screaming.

Thomas Currie

" you. Brother."