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located in Tibera, a part of The Price of Blood, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Renly blushed minutely, it was a secret talent of his to find the best boltholes. There was no kid in the city who had a more natural affinity for scouting out places to be alone with one's thoughts or to hide away from the world. He soon located a dry patch of grass under a relatively young beech and settled down, sighing contentedly at the sights around him. "You'd think with all their capital, they'd spend it helping out the less fortunate and not on big, fancy dinner parties and lavish gardens..." Ren commented idly. "That's what I'd do if I were rich, you know. Drop every coin I had on cleaning up the slums...and then maybe I'd construct an elaborate garden of my own, but I'd place right in the town square for everyone to stroll through and enjoy on their days off." He explained wistfully. The idea of a public garden brought a faint smile to his lips, why was it the rich were always so greedy? Renly could do so much with so little...He glanced around the copse of trees, eyes chasing after the spattering of moonlight dancing through the branches. He wanted to commit this place to memory before he was made to go back 'home.' "What do you think? What would you do if you were suddenly given more money than you knew what to do with? What would you spend it on?" Ren met Nicholas' gaze, the kings eyes showing the years of his life; rings of aged brown like what hid in the trunks of the trees around them.

Nicholas swallowed, suddenly nervous that Renly knew his identity. He took a deep breath, letting out a small chuckle when he realized that Renly's question was purely innocent, "I honestly have no idea," He answered, his mind beginning to whir. He was king, he had the power to do everything Renly had suggested, and yet he hadn't. In truth, the thought had never crossed his mind. He didn't think himself to be selfish, but perhaps he was being so. Still, if he was to put Renly's ideas into action, there would be the small matter of convincing Christoph that it was a good idea. Somehow, Nicholas doubted that the elder man would be enamored with the idea. "I suppose that the people who rule should be as much a servant of the people, as the people are of the rulers. Not that everyone seems to see it that way." Nicholas rather gracelessly sat down by Renly, "Perhaps the world would be a better place if more of those in power thought like you Renly."

Nicholas had phrased it so elegantly that Renly was left stumbling over his words when he was suddenly paid yet another compliment. He cleared his throat in an awkward manner and nodded in response. "Thank you, and well spoken." He was trying to learn how to take a compliment now instead of just vehemently denying it, that was just good manners. He still could not fathom how he could be so deserving of praise though, he was just the little rat from the poorest district of the city. The bastard child, not this what Nicholas made him out to be.

Despite the nervous tension hanging about the pair, there was an effortless cadence growing there, their conversation falling more easily by the passing hour. Renly fervently wished the other boy wouldn't be so guarded with his opinions and would share more of himself, but for the time being, he was content to just enjoy their banter and their wishful thinking...that was, until the hour became late and the cold began to seep into their bones. By the time Renly bothered to glance up at the sky again and break their colloquy, the moon was already halfway across the black, making it's inexorable march away from the gathering dawn that would soon thread it's way outward overhead. He leapt up from the languid position his body had reached, sprawled on the grass, shock over taking him. "Is it that late already?!"" he softly cried, running a hand though his hair, mussing it up so that it stuck up at all sorts of odd angles. He hadn't anyone to answer to, no chamber maids or footmen that would be up waiting on his return, that would report back to a disapproving parent or maester, but still...He needed to be getting back.

Nicholas untied the strings of his mask, figuring there was no harm in Renly seeing his face. He dropped the mask into his lap as they spoke. Nicholas chose his words carefully, not wanting to let slip that he was a king. He was starting to realize that Renly was smart; smart and compassionate. It wouldn't take much for Renly to figure him out. He didn't want that just yet. He would tell Renly in good time, but for now, Nicholas was quite content to just talk to the boy as his equal, not as a social superior.

As their conversation continued, the air cooled until Nicholas could see his breath floating in the air. His nose was cold, no doubt beginning to turn red as well. Still, a little cold and dark was bearable. Nicholas was rather slower getting to his feet than Renly, reluctant to leave just yet, but it seemed that Renly was adamant. No doubt he would face some awkward questions about where he was from Christoph. He could deal with that in the morning."I suppose it is," he answered, looking up at the moon, rather surprised to see it so far across the sky. Nicholas looked back to Renly. The light of the moon shone just so that Renly's face was illuminated, a soft shadow falling across his eyes. He was...well Nicholas wasn't quite sure what the word was. "I suppose I'll see you around, then?" He asked shyly, worried that Renly might say 'no'.

Renly halted in his panic about the time only to panic further. His heart was a flutter with excitement and perhaps not for completely savory reasons. With a bit more than friendship weighing on his mind he nodded, doing his best to conceal the resulting gulp of air he took. "I'd like that." He felt a little light headed, like he was drowning but it wasn't altogether unpleasant. He wasn't sure if they should leave off with hand shake or just bid each other farewell, but before he really was aware of himself, he had leaned in and pecked the boy king on the cheek, softly and sweetly. As he pulled back, his eyes broadened as his mouth fell open. Had he really just done that? What if Nicholas was disgusted, repelled by his action? Would he take it up with the courts? Renly's king? Have him put out of the castle or worse stoned or flogged? He stood there locked in place, not sure what to do next, cursing his body for uncharacteristically having not been connected with his mind.

Nicholas could feel his cheeks warm as Renly placed a small kiss on his cheek. He felt a warmth grow in his chest, spreading through his veins. He knew enough to know that he wasn't supposed to feel like this if another boy kissed him, but this felt more right than kissing Priscilla. He looked up to Renly. Seeing the terror in his eyes, Nicholas felt he knew what had to happen, or at the very least what he wanted to happen. He raised a hand to Renly's cheek, gently lowering Renly's face towards his own, brushing their lips together in the softest of kisses. Hopefully Renly would be calmer now. Nicholas knew he certainly felt more comfortable, as if all the tension between them had vanished in the simple act, "Then I shall see you tomorrow, yes?" Nicholas asked, feeling a little bolder.

Renly just beamed, feeling Nicholas' breath hot against his face. He was dumbfounded, awestruck. He rested his forehead against the kings and replied with a faint, hushed "Yes." There was no word to describe the taste of moments when people began waltzing right into your heart, into your bloodstream. But whatever that word was, he could taste it now, in that kiss. This was romance budding; brand new and it was all very exhilarating. But poor Renly Arryn had no clue the surprise he had in store and that this little tryst was more than likely doomed from the start. He went to bed that night with the thought of meeting up with Nicholas the next day tracing the outlines of his dreams.