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located in The Mortal Realm, a part of When Gods Unite, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Mortal Realm



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Character Portrait: Verisavia Character Portrait: Selena Tsukyomi Character Portrait: Morengar
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Morengar awoke to find himself lying spread-eagled in the snow, in what appeared to be a woodland area. From his vantage point on the floor, he turned his head left and right, trying to look for any of the gods who were banished to the mortal world along with him. Unsurprisingly, he found none. This position he was in did not afford a good view, and the snow proved to be cold and oddly uncomfortable. He got up slowly, looking around again for any signs of familiar faces. Nothing. He hoped that they had at least all been deposited on the same landmass, otherwise reunion would prove to be a most difficult prospect.

The god of the dead looked down at his body and his hands, and to his surprise they were human instead of the usual shadowy figure. He tentatively lifted a hand up to his face and started patting at his head. Although he had not worn this face for such a long, long time, he still remembered what it looked like, but would the others even recognise him like this? Morengar made a thorough search of his robes, managing to find a few objects. A blank tome with quill and ink, an ornamental knife, and his mask, which he felt greatly relieved to see. Replacing the other items within the folds of his robes, Morengar put on his death mask and covered the rest of his head with the hood of his robes, feeling almost whole again. Now all he had to do was look for the others, or at least find a mortal settlement.

Hearing an alarmed tweet, Morengar looked up just in time to see a small bird flying away. Normally he would have dismissed it as unimportant, but the bird was flying towards a walled town. Was Verisavia there? His first few steps towards the town looked jerky and almost unnatural as he got used to having physical legs again, but instinct helped to take care of things soon enough. Once he reached the gates and saw how busy it was inside, he reluctantly took off his mask and hid it away. There was no point in being conspicuous and attracting the wrong kind of attention.

Venturing deeper into the settlement, pushing past and squeezing through the crowds where appropriate, he came across what he dimly remembered was a marketplace. And a busy one, at that. It was difficult to get a clear view above the heads of the crowd, but as soon as he spotted a familiar-looking figure leap down from a rooftop he made a beeline for that location. To his fortune, he found not only the goddess of the moon, Selena, but also Verisavia herself. "Do not be alarmed," he stated. "I am still Morengar."