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Snippet #2576107

located in The Mortal Realm, a part of When Gods Unite, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Mortal Realm



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Chzo’s eyes snapped open as he regained consciousness. The God of Agony found himself lying on the cold, frozen ground of an alley. As he was on the ground, he couldn't help but smile and let out a spiteful chuckle. They had banished him, the fools. He had sided with the humans, rallied against the other gods with his allies and now... this. What was this, exactly? Chzo stood up, attempting to figure out his situation. He was among humans, he knew that much. He could sense their pain, at least those among him. There was a beggar huddled in the alley for warmth, broken and harried from such a hard life, wearing nothing but rags. Chzo walked up to the man, crouching to stare the crumpled figure in the face.

The man was clearly dying, maybe having a few years left. His face was disfigured with age and disease, cataract-ridden eyes widening in horror at the bone-pale man beside him. The poor wretch attempted to back away, but Chzo's hand clamped onto his shoulder and held him fast, staring him in the eyes. The beggar's pain was a beacon, a feast for a god such as himself. His grip tightened, aged bones creaking under his strength as the man's face contorted with pain. Chzo hadn't been able to lose himself in his work for so long, he just needed a little bit of time with this forgotten soul to recover. The god was about to begin his work when he heard the frantic chirping of a bird. Ignoring the sound, Chzo lifted the man against the wall. He was about to continue when he heard the flap of wings and a sharp peck.

Chzo looked up to see the creature circling above and released the man, letting him fall back into the snow while the god kept his eyes on the creature. Was it her? He assumed the others were around, banished for their rebellion just as he had, but didn't think they would be nearby. A smile crossed his lips, mirthless and full of hate. The gods couldn't have been this foolish. They had to have known the rebellion wouldn't end with the banishment. And yet... The bird departed, circling above him once before heading off. Chzo couldn't help but feel impressed that the creature had the arrogance to dive at him. He followed, weaving his way among the people of the town.

In the throng of people clogging the pathways into the marketplace, Chzo forced his way through the crowd. He didn't see any of his comrades among the chaos. Grappling with the rather off-putting thought that he had been led stray by a bird, he nearly missed the robed figure to his left. Morengar. He always liked the Death God, he had a sense of...finality to him. Chzo drew the hood of his white cloak over his head and made his way over to the group, noting the presence of the Nature and Moon goddesses. Chzo's mad smile returned as he faced Morengar. "I thought you lost, friend.", he said, his voice was sharp, but not hostile. "It is good to see we still have allies." He nodded to the goddesses, his smile fading slightly at the lack of the other gods. "Some of them, at least."