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located in the world, a part of things and stuff, one of the many universes on RPG.

the world



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Character Portrait: Nastasya Wu Character Portrait: Ashley Nara
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Ashley's greeting was met with nothing more than an "Oh" from the rather muscular woman behind the counter. She was pretty much ignored, as ar as she could tell, which caused her to draw her hand back and brush her hair aside with a nervous laugh. "Heh. Right, um..." Luckily, the woman known as Marina came to break what was slowly developing into a very awkward silence. Ash was pretty relieved at her presence as she began chatting her up and giving her a welcome basket. "Oh my, you really shouldn't have. I wasn't expecting something like this, y'know?" Regardless, she takes the basket in hand. "Still though, I'm sure it's all wonderful. Thank you very much." She once again introduced herself to Marina, about as awkwardly as she had with the sunglassed woman.

Keeping her gaze on that rather muscular woman, something about her was... familiar to Ash. She didn't quite know what it was, but she felt as if she knew her from somewhere. Years of parenting, her issues with her family and being with... him had made her a bit forgetful. Seeing that girl made her think that she had something to recall, though. In fact, something about her made her think of... She shook her head. No, there was no way. And this was no time to be thinking of that. With what she had instilled in her over the years, never was the time for that. Prying her eyes of of the woman for a minute, she let out a soft mental sigh and continued listening to Marina.

"Yes, the shop is great. I really can't wait to begin working here. Um, what are to be my responsibilities, anyway? Is that decided by day or will I have a set job? I'm so sorry if I was told. It's... It's been one of those mornings." Her expression was apologetic as she continued taking in her surroundings. Yet that woman still nagged at her brain. "And, um... About that woman there. With the sunglasses..." She lowers her voice, trying not to draw too much attention to herself. Not that it should matter with her listening to her music, but... "Who is that woman? She really didn't seem very social. Barely said a word to me, actually. Did I mess up my introduction? I do that sometimes, y'know? I just start talking and maybe I forget how to do things right. Or is she just having a rough day, or...?" Truth be told, she was just prying for some kind of information that might hint at who she was without seeming to obvious.