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located in Seiryu Town, a part of The Grey Ronin, one of the many universes on RPG.

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The Ronin nodded his head as she walked to prepare his food. He silently hesitated to take off his hood and rested his hands on the table and waited in silence. The sweet smell of food flew past his nostrils and his eyes, hidden as they are, began to gleam. The moment the food came, he was already upon it like a cunning wolf in the barn. Then he heard the ruckus as he turned to look in curiosity.

Then he recognized the symbol on their robes and looked at his own cloak. "Shiranui Yakuza?? This must be Taki's cousin's lowest underlings." He thought. "Three of them. Armed, with cheap blades. My own blade could break them. But then again, one good chop would too considering their cheap swords." The Ronin frowned as they began to harass the young woman which forced the owner to walk out and then he heard the leader of the three threaten to mess with business.

So that was it. Now the Ronin was getting angered. "If you bakas can stop your harrassment of the staff, and Your dishonorable conduct, then you can talk about businesses threatened. Otherwise, shut up, drink your sake, and get out. I'm having dinner." One of the men glared at him as he got up and walked to the Ronin's table and rudely took a bite of his pork. Grabbing one of his chopsticks, the ronin jabbed at the man's hand, close to the wrist.

The yell of the Ronin spraining their comrade's wrist brought the other two to their attention as the Ronin punched his victim to knock him out and throw him outside the Inn. "That's one idiotic piece of crap out, two more to go." The second Yakuza rushed at him, and with a two punch, three kick combination of attack, the ronin sent him flying out of the Inn too meet his comrade.

Then he turned to glare at the leader of the the group. The Leader looked angered. "You, stupid animal! Bow before me in apology! Or I'll, I'll Kill the Inkeeper's lovely niece! If we can't have her, we certainly won't let anyone else-" as he said this he was drawing his sword. The Ronin however, closed the distance and grabbed the man's wrist as he then punched the man's Katana at the hilt. With an audible snap, it broke.

"Cheap swords. As I suspected. If you want to make threats at a Ronin, I recommend paying more then 30 ryo for an apprentice made blade." The Ronin growled as he grabbed the stuttering man by the cloak. "Listen close, you pathetic underling, I don't know if you are under orders from your boss or not. But know this, a colleague of his deceased cousin of three years is staying here at this inn for a time. Now get out, dishonorable pig, before I draw my own blade and show you a true sword." The ronin threw the man out to join his fellows, and his hood fell off his head, long red hair tumbling out.

With a sigh the ronin removed his cloak the rest of the way and sat back down to finish his meal as he drank his entire cup of tea. "Sorry for getting involved." is all he had to say if anyone began talking of his skills, appearance, or the fact he butted in.