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located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City, a part of Equipoise, one of the many universes on RPG.

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

Home of the Humans


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Character Portrait: Ryuu Shosuke Character Portrait: Nathaniel K Jenova
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Nathaniel was barely conscious but he heard faint echoing voices from the double doors, the slam of the hand on it which for a moment made Nathaniel open his eyes and slowly look up to see a haze of red, red hair perhaps. ''R-Ryuu?'' He groaned the next and his head slowly dropped and his eyes closed over again and he weakly groaned again. His face twitching the next to the squeeze and drag of one of the doors then the clicking of boots on the floor that seemed distant but instantly became clear as they stopped in front of him, slowing down, unconfident steps of reluctance. A second pair of shoes also coming up behind the prominently female pair of shoes, a step or two behind them.

His ears twitched to the sound of breaths before he jumped to attention to the female voice, instinct taking over and he swung his clawed hand, on the defensive and clutched his hand around Ryuu's throat and squeezed, the claws scratching into her skin and his eyes.. the slits dilated to the slight scent of blood but when Nathaniel really looked at the red haze and focused his eyes... He saw Ryuu and paled in the face and took his hand away from Ryyu's throat. He pushed himself into the wall behind him as much as possible before licking the blood from his claws hungrily before looking at Ryuu and lowering his eyes and covering his face with a hand, stuttering. ''S-sorry...'' He groaned, gripping his hand to his chest where pain still lingered like the pain of being stabbed, just non-stop and sharp. He took heavy breaths. ''I-I was s-so... hungry...'' He looked at Ryuu between fingers of his hand then to the haze of a man at the slot of the door, Colter. ''W-who is h-he..?''

He looked down, his claws extending and retracting, fangs also. Spikes on his form resurfacing with the bleeding, ripping through the back of the blood stained back of the borrowed shirt and on his elbows, knees and ankles as he shook. ''S-so h-hungry...'' He whimpered to himself. His arms gave out from exhaustion and he slowly dropped them, hugging the wall a bit, the spikes on his pointed ears coming out from under his soft, long silver hair. He continued to look at the wall, the sound of cracking from where the spikes continued retracted and resurfaced as he spoke, his voice shook from the pain. ''It always h-happens... I wake up and I n-need to feed... On things not to... r-replaceable...'' He looked down, guilty. ''I-I didn't mean to kill them... but I was so... h-hungry...'' He looked at Ryuu then to her neck, guilt plaguing him further. ''I didn't mean to h-hurt you.'' He then looked back at Colter at the viewing slot in the door he was looking into and continued to look at him, wary to no end at this point.