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located in New earth, a part of Remorseless Evolution, one of the many universes on RPG.

New earth



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Character Portrait: Akira Theron Character Portrait: June King
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Akira Theron

Akira clung onto him as they stumbled off the train and onto solid ground. It was always a weird feeling after getting off transport that you had been on for a while. It almost felt as though you were still moving in the world even though you could have been stood perfectly still. Personally it made Akira feel rather sick.

"Come on,"
"If we go this way then we can reach town in two hours. I think."

"But..." The raven haired woman started, holding up the blue plant she had clung to so dearly all this time. "I wanted to see Asher remember? His...grave is near by." She asked him, seemingly pleading for him to bend to her needs. "I promise we won't be long if its a burden to you. It's just I have not seen him in a while and he must be lonely." She explained, talking as though the man was still alive and fully concious. It was kind of depressing to hear.

"Did you hear that,"

The scream made her draw her handgun pretty quickly and fall still on the spot. The sounds were getting closer and closer and so Akira raised to weapon and began to aim, ready for as soon as anything unpleasant hit sight. She was quite suprized when it appeared that the horror was actually caused by a beautiful white feline, in fact it was the same one as before. Was she right to call it June's pet?

"Come here,"

Akira did not exactly seem to appreciate the animals presence and took a few steps away as it approached June and the sudden change of situation occurred.

"Hey," "Be still. Be still. What were you hungry. I told you not to chase people when it's not part of a job. No dessert for you tonight. This is why I usually leave you home."
"Galil, stay with me from now on. I can't trust you by yourself."
"So yeah, he's a lion tiger cross breed I guess. He's not dangerous, but I'm not sure if he'll try to eat you or not, haha."

"So you are a lonely cat guy? You need yourself a woman." Akira laughed taunting him with a sly wink, before letting out a slight 'oh' when he explained it was not his pet. "You could always adopt him? I mean if you wanted to have that responsibility, but you seem to have a lot of love for the animal." She told him with a soft smile.

"Lets head to Asher, he is just 5 minutes away. I promise I won't be long."

The tree was the largest one in the area and its leaves seemed to have grown greener than the rest. It over shadowed the area and the thick roots crawled up over the top of the dirt as though they wanted to get up and leave. It was a really nice area and seemed to be quite untouched by humans, that was apart from the great carvings of swirls and text in the trees bark. "Here we are!" Akira explained.

This world is sick, these people are sick. Have they lost their minds?
I hate being alone. Silence can send people crazy.
I love you.
I spent 4 hours trying to hunt down this deer today, it was fucking hilarious! I wish you were there to see how idiotic I am Asher.
Thank you for always having my back!
You are right, guns ARE a girls best friends.
I saw someone who looked like you today, made my heart flutter a little. Not half as sexy as you though!
I have got to say my hands are not half as clean as they were.
I miss you so much.

The words on the trees probably said a lot more about Akira than what June actually knew, and realizing this she began to become uncomfortable. Despite this being Asher's place of rest it was quite triggering to read what was on the bark and remember how he was slaughtered.