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located in Androria, a part of Candles & Clockwork, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Nina Crosby
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Nina stood in a small but well decorated room. The wallpaper was red and gold and the floor was made of spotless mahogany boards. In the distance Nina could hear the joyous noise from the Ascension Day celebrations. She wished she could be out there, drinking, meeting new people, exploring... Instead she was stuck in the Andoria Ladies' Academy, getting ready to sign her life away. Just then a spindly woman dressed in a lacy frock came into the room. She reminded Nina a lot of her stepmother, as many of the people at the ladies' academy did.
"Hello. I am Helena Rutherford. I will be handling your admission today." She said in a sickly sweet voice. Nina simply nodded, opting not to speak. Nina was a striking, pretty girl with brown hair that was just longer than shoulder length. She had pale skin and deep brown eyes, highlighted by a healthy dose of eyeliner and mascara. Her demeanour was cold, brooding, melancholy... pissed off. Once she opened up she was a perfectly pleasant girl and could have a perfectly pleasant conversation. But her default expression was one of annoyance, and she was particularly annoyed today. Helena held up a clipboard and fancy gold pen.
"Name?" She asked, her tone instantly becoming more blunt now that the formalities had begun.
"Nina." Nina answered.
"Full Name." Helena said, more assertively this time.
"Nina Kathryn Rachel Crosby." Nina answered. Helena nodded and scribbled on her clipboard.
"19." Nina replied again.
"Ummm..." Nina paused to think. "5'6?" She said, shrugging.
"Well that won't do." Helena answered. "We want to know in centimeters. Stand over there." Helena commanded. Nina did as she was told. Helena lifted a measuring tape from a shelf and drew it the length of Nina. "168cm." She said. "A little taller than average for a lady. Not a problem though. We have uniforms to fit all sizes."
"Uniforms?" Nina thought to herself. Nina hadn't been told this. As far as she'd been aware she was going to be allowed to wear what she liked.
"Dress size?" Helena asked.
"Don't worry, we'll have you a 10 in no time."
"And what's that supposed to mean?" Nina asked, a little insulted.
"We aim for all of our ladies to be size 10. You have nothing to worry about, size 12 isn't far at all. A little less at meal times and no snacking throughout the day and you'll be there within a month."
Nina scowled. She wasn't overweight. If she wanted to lose a couple of pounds for an aesthetic reason that should have been her choice.
"Bra size?" Helena asked.
Nina blinked in astonishment. "Why is that important?"
"It's part of your uniform. We need your sizes to get you a uniform that fits. Isn't that obvious?"
"Can't I wear my own... underwear?"
"Everything you wear is issued to you. Socks, shoes, dresses, even underwear. So, what's you size?"
"36B." Nina mumbled, avoiding eye contact.
"What was that? 36D?"
"B." Nina reiterated through gritted teeth.
"Oh yes, 36B. I didn't think you looked like a 36D. Now, shoe size?"
"7? Those are very big feet for a lady. Sadly there's not much we can do to help you there."
"Help me?" Nina asked. "Does it really matter?"
"Well larger feet are not usually seen as desirable, young lady. Smaller, more elegant feet are preferred by suitors. But anyway, Virgin?"
"Excuse me?" Nina asked in complete shock.
"Are you a virgin?" Helena asked again as if this was a normal thing to ask.
"I am not answering that. That has nothing to do with this at all."
"It will be easier to find you a suitor if you are unused, in your original state. Wealthy men don't want a second hand woman." Helena snapped her fingers and a statue behind Nina sprang to life a grabbed her. "These are Creepers. Machines disguised as statues that serve the academy. I am more than capable of checking for myself if you cannot tell me. Are you or are you not a virgin?"
"No, alright. If it really matters I'm not." Nina barked. The statue let her go and she slumped on the floor.
Helena shook her head. "Not what we wanted to hear at all I'm afraid. Now are you on any medication?"
"Excellent. So I'll just fetch you your uniform and then we can examine your ethnic classification and go through the personal belongings you wish to bring with you to the academy."
Nina sat on the floor in a state of amazement. No one had ever spoken like this to her. Was this how it was going to be for as long as she was at the academy? How long would she be at the academy? No one had cared to tell her that. And what was this now? Ethnic classification? Go through her personal belongings? It was a complete invasion of her privacy and she didn't like it one bit.