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located in Seiryu Town, a part of The Grey Ronin, one of the many universes on RPG.

Seiryu Town



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Nanami cocked her head to the side when he mentioned his hair she had not really noticed it till he pointed it out. She smiled the color reminded her of the geraniums her mother used to grow in the garden of their home. The ones her stepmother complained about, calling them an ugly flower. Tomoko went to help Mio put things back together as Nanami sat patiently waiting for the Ronin to finish his meal. He was quiet, as Nanami kept her eyes downcast till he spoke again. Tomoko had just finished resetting the table the men had been sitting at before, when he spoke his name and took her up on the offer she had given him.

"Very well Masaenai Autoro, you are welcome as long as you like at the Gentle Sparrow." she rested her hands on her hips with a nod and a smile.

Nanami smiled and stood, "Come I will show you to your room."