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located in Seiryu Town, a part of The Grey Ronin, one of the many universes on RPG.

Seiryu Town



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Masenai only nodded when offered to be shown his room and followed Nanami up the stairs to one of the rooms. The room he was shown seemed like an average room. Complete with bedding, a closet, and what seemed to be a balcony view of the entire town. He looked around, nodding in approval of the commendations. He his cloak aside next to the closet and pulled out his Katana, sheathe and all. Resting it on top of the cloak he sat down and looked at Nanami.

"It'll do. This shall serve as a means to observing the habits of this town." he stated calmly. "I request a bottle of sake to be delivered here. I always take a cup or two of it before resting. Keeps the ghosts away." he didn't want to bore the young woman with the details of his comings and goings, or the reasons he chose to drink sake at certain times. He then began to meditate.