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located in The Mortal Realm, a part of When Gods Unite, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Mortal Realm



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Caleb stood at the counter of the merchant that had ripped him off. He had just sold one of his last belongings to get enough money to make it through the week, yet the merchant had given him less than half of what it was worth. He needed that money. If his friends hadn't told him he hadn't gotten a fair deal, well, he'd be in trouble. "Give me my money," He demands as he leans against the counter. The merchant smiles a sickly smile and shakes his head.

"Listen Caleb, you gotta realize, business is business, sometimes you get cheated. I'm teaching you a lesson," He says with a wink before pushing Caleb back causing him to stumble. "Get out before I call for help," He demands, now not amused with Caleb's attempts. Caleb huffs as he stands and starts towards the door, however, before leaving, he rushes back to pluck his mother's necklace right out of the merchant's greedy hands. He rushes out the front door, ignoring the calls for him to stop and being a called a thief.

A large group of hired mercenaries, hired by the merchants throughout the market, aimed their attention at Caleb. "You, boy, stop," They call as they rush towards him, weapons drawn. Caleb, realizing he wasn't in the best situation, took off. He jumps on a nearby cart, swinging himself up n a nearby inn's low roof before rushing across rooftops to avoid his pursuers. Only when he came across a house that didn't have a roof that could hold him did Caleb hesitate, glancing down and back to see the mercenaries still had him in site.

Jumping down, hoping to loose them through the back alleys, Caleb realizes only too late that he had people below him, people who looked rather odd and misplaced, and now at the wrong place at the wrong time. He tried to call out a warning to the girl with the white and black hair but was not quick enough as he fell towards her, hoping he wouldn't hurt her as he tried to wrap her in a hug as he made contact, turning to land on his back, hard. The wind was knocked out of him as he released the girl, unsure if she was even in his arms or not.

He rolls over, groaning, looking at the lot around him. "Uh... sorry, I didn't mean to run into her, or you all. Just, trying not to get killed, or arrested right now," Caleb manages as he reaches to his back, still groaning about having landed right on it. The people around him looked rather strange with their hair colors and various ages. He wondered what they were doing. Caleb then looked to the girl he had nearly crushed. "I'm so so sorry ms, I never intende-..." Caleb's apology drifted off as he looked to her face, finding his jaw slackening and his ability to form words failing him.

"Hi... My name's Caleb. Are you all lost or looking for something?" He asks, more directly aimed at the girl with the black and white hair than anyone else.