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located in Seiryu Town, a part of The Grey Ronin, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Nanami nodded, "I'll make sure to bring it to you as soon as possible Sir, theres a nice little bath house out back if you feel like you need to relax at any point."

She understood why he asked for the sake, especially when he said that it kept away spirits. A samurai was the type of person that deals death to many men in the name of his Lord, it could be hard on someone conscience. She left the Ronin to his thoughts, and headed down to the kitchen to fetch the sake he had asked for. Mio was sitting next to a pot stirring the stew, Hojo must have returned while Nanami was upstairs. Because he was currently, stacking crates in the kitchen.

Mio rushed over, doing another worried once over Nanami again. "He didn't try anything did he?" Nanami, shook her head, "Mio, don't be so foolish, he didn't do anthing to me. And I don't see him doing anything any time soon."

Hojo, stopped what he was doing and stood next to Mio, the pair had worked along side each other at the inn since they were children, and married just a few months ago. Now Mio was pregnant with their first child, Nanami had always thought they made a cute couple.

"What's this I hear about a demon Samurai?" he asked. Obviously Mio had strarted gossiping as soon as Hojo had stepped in the door. "He has fire red hair, amd snapped a mans sword like a twig!" Mio exclaimed.

Nanami shook her head, "He is no demon, and he snapped the man's sword cause it was a piece of junk. His hair.. is just red." Hojo raised an eyebrow. "Well red hair is kind of odd."

Nanami set a bottle of sake and cup on a tray. "Yes... but that doesn't make him some sort of demon. He is just a man that is a skilled swordsman... nothing more." she said as she turned to head out of the kitchen. "It's a bad omen Nanami... letting him stay is a mistake." Mio said as Nanami ignored her and left.

"Such a silly superstitious girl... to think she's older than me only by a few years." Nanami muttered to herself as she walked up to Masenai's room. She knelt outside of the door as customary. "Sir, I have brought thesake you asked for."