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located in Seiryu Town, a part of The Grey Ronin, one of the many universes on RPG.

Seiryu Town



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Masenai could sense that the young woman could understand why he needed sake. But due to being the sole survivor of his group, and being unable to tell anyone his story due to everyone's wish to forget, made him feel all the more lonely. He lost his friends and first love three years ago. Now he was just a wandering samurai, killing all those he feel are causing injustice and trying to bring peace to towns. But now that he ended up here, in the home town of His first love. He wished only to possibly find a way to settle down in this town.

Provided of course, he finds a way to put the Shiranui Yakuza in their place. He felt that if they knew who he was, then Taki's Cousin, the boss, would either pay him a visit, or give him a wide berth. Given Masenai's name and reputation, possibly the latter. But he would deal with him either way. He heard the young woman at the door and got up, and walked to the door and opened it and bowed.

"Thank you. I'll take it from here. That'll be all for today." He stated as he picked up the tray. He didn't want to take advantage of the woman in any way. Setting the tray down and moved back to the door, he silently closed it. "Good night."