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Helena returned a few minutes later with a selection of clothing.
"We are very strict about uniform and you will be inspected every morning to make sure you uphold our standards." She said. "On normal working days you will wear this skirt and blouse." She added handing over a coathanger. The skirt was a long sky-blue one with a white stripe running around the end. The blouse was plain white with a collar almost like a polo shirt. "On days when you need to be more presentable you shall wear a frock." Helena handed over another coathanger with a navy blue frock on it. It had a floral pattern too and a lacy collar. "That reminds me, when wearing your skirt it must be at least as long as your knees. Any shorter than that will be a breach of uniform code."
Nina raised an eyebrow. It all sounded a bit much. Nina was the sort of girl who wore trousers, but if she had to wear a skirt she would prefer to show a bit of thigh.
"Your brassiere and socks." Both were plain white and the socks were very long. "Your..." Helena paused. "Size 7 shoes." She continued, sounding a little disgusted by Nina's larger than average sized feet (for a girl of her size anyway). She handed Nina a cardboard box. Nina was struggling to hold the many items of clothing she was being handed. "And finally your chastity belt."
Nina dropped the pile of clothes. "My what?" She asked.
"Why did I have a feeling this was going to cause trouble?" Helena sighed. "Ladies of the academy must wear chastity belts, lest you be tempted by or tempt anyone."
"And what business of yours would it be if I was?" Nina replied angrily.
"Your life is our business. We are here to turn you into a productive lady. We can't have you running around getting up to who knows what? It's not painful, I assure you. A little uncomfortable perhaps but you'll soon get used to it." She showed the principle of the belt, how it fastened around her waist and whatnot. "A member of staff will unlock it for you in the morning to change the lining and then 3 times throughout the day so you can use the bathroom."
"And what if I need to use the bathroom at a different time?" Nina asked.
"You will soon adjust to our routine. Now we need to see what you're bringing with you." Helena said, snatching the bag from Nina's hand and opening it on the table. "Toothbrush? Not necessary. We'll issue you one of those." She said, tossing it in the bin. "Items of clothing and nightclothing? Again, we have our own. Makeup? That's fine, you can bring that but we'll be teaching you how to do a better job of it than that, and you are only to wear it on presentation days."
Nina's expression became one of even greater annoyance.
"These your parents?" Helena asked, stumbling upon a photograph.
"Yes." Nina answered sourly.
"You look very like your mother. What are these?" She asked, lifting out an unlabeled white packet.
"Sanitary towels." Nina answered, slightly amused. Helena dropped them and went a little pale before whiping her hand with a handkerchief.

"Okay we'll go over punishments then." Helena said happily. Nina got the feeling Helena took some joy in the misery of others. "Our standard punishments are extra chores, detention, food deprivation, beating, foot burning, head shaving and circumcision."
"Wow, back up there just a second." Nina said with haste.
"How far?"
"Everything after detention sounded... questionable."
"Food deprivation is witholding food from you until you learn your lesson. Beating is hitting you until you learn your lesson. Not too hard of course, we don't want to damage your value so it will all be open hand. We may have to burn the bottoms of your feet if you really break the rules though. Most of your work can be done sitting down and no one really sees the bottoms of your feet. Head shaving is mainly for 'right offs'. We'd have to be pretty sure you're not getting a husband to shave your head. Our most serious punishment though is female circumcision. It's only something we've done a few times in our history but believe us when we say it is very possible."
Nina could not believe what she was hearing. This was barbaric, how could a place like this continue to exist. Andoria had floating cities but still mutilated those who stepped out of line. It was stone age.

"Now as for our plans for you. Since you're 19 you have about 2 years to find a husband or be purchased for work before we send you off to the factories. Now you're celtic on your father's side and hebrew on your mother's so that probably puts you towards the top end of class 3. You are far from a perfect aryan so you can't be put forward for modelling and we won't make you a priority for partnering. Nevertheless we can reserve list you and make you a priority for working sale. But I would say you've got a reasonable chance of finding a husband. You're quite pretty even though you have a big nose and fat thighs."