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Snippet #2578736

located in The Mortal Realm, a part of When Gods Unite, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Mortal Realm



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Character Portrait: Verisavia Character Portrait: Yuuka Character Portrait: Ze Character Portrait: Chzo Character Portrait: Aaron Character Portrait: Ashton Character Portrait: Morengar Character Portrait: Caleb Smith
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Verisavia smiled as she watched her friends gather, pleased that her birds had done the job."How charming. Since we're all here now---" Her sentence was cut short as she spotted of the birds she'd recruited earlier flutter down and chirp on to explain how Ze's movement was bound. Her pleasant smile was replaced by a look of spite, inspired by the Gods who'd banished them in the first place. "Alright then... Perhaps we are not all here. Ze's powers are being restrained... I'm afraid he is unable to move. And I've decided, with this new development, it would probably be best if we were to go out and find Ze. I'm not sure if it's necessary for all of us to go, but that's simply up to everyone else. What kind of person would I be if I decided everything?" She twirled to the bustling of the market and motioned for the bird to show her the way. "If anyone wishes to accompany me, I implore you to come along."

As Verisavia flashed a wave to her allies and twirled to face the busy streets she spotted a group of merchants, weapons drawn and lips curling to form a snarl. Seconds later she heard a male mortal cry out from behind. Turning around, Verisavia spotted a blonde male leaping from a roof and heading straight for Yuuka. Even Verisavia cried out in warning, though by the time a yell managed to escape her lips the boy had already made contact with the Goddess of Ice. "A graceful landing, yes?" Verisavia found herself murmuring.

She listened as Caleb spoke and crossed her arms, a small smirk finding its way onto her face. "Uh... sorry, I didn't mean to run into her, or you all. Just, trying not to get killed, or arrested right now," She looked to the group of rather unhappy merchants and snickered. Verisavia nodded her head in the direction of the merchants while eying the flock of birds from earlier. With another loud whistle she got their attention and they caught her stare. She once again nodded toward the group and smirked in satisfaction as they got the message. Within seconds the flock of birds darted toward the merchants, pecking and jabbing at them. Verisavia watched as the merchants scattered, shooing away the birds and swinging at them over and over again, but to no avail. "I do hope that fixes your problem for now. Now, if you will all excuse me, I am searching for Ze. Join me if you must, I really don't mind," and with that, Verisavia was off.