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With that Nina was shown to the dormitory where she would be staying. The other girls froze as she was brought into the room.
"Ladies, this is Nina Crosby. She is a new student of the academy and will be with us for up to 2 years." Helena said.
"Hello Nina." The room of girls droned back. It seemed greatly rehearsed as if they'd said it a thousand times before. Nina waved awkwardly a tried a closed-mouthed smile.
"I'll leave you to settle in and meet your fellow ladies. Classes have finished for the day so the rest of the evening is yours providing you behave." Helena said turning to Nina. Nina set her bag down on a vacant bed and sat down on it, turning to look at herself in the tall mirror. She didn't look half bad in the day-to-day uniform even though she would never have chosen to wear it. She felt a tap on her shoulder. It was one of the other ladies. She had bright blue eyes and golden blonde hair. She was about an inch taller than Nina and had a naturally even complexion with little evidence of makeup. Nina had a feeling she was scoring pretty highly on the ethnic classification chart.
"Hi, I'm Penelope. I'm the head girl and acting leader of the dormitory. I welcome you on behalf of everyone." Penelope said extending her arm for a formal handshake.
"Thanks." Nina said. "I was worried I might not fit in here. I'm not really disciplined or 'ladylike'."
"Oh you'll soon pick that up. I think you'd definitely find a husband in the next 2 years. You're very pretty even though you are not aryan."
"Uhhh... Thanks." Nina said. Penelope spoke reminiscently of Helena. "How old are you?"
"I am 14." Penelope answered. "I'm set to be paired off in about 2 years as well so we'll get to know each other quite well before that. I am prioritised as an aryan for the master race breeding program."
"Yeah, I think Helena mentioned that. What's the deal with the whole... 'aryan' thing?"
"Well as the master race our breeding is of great importance. The breeding of your kind is not deemed critical so the academy is happy to let you marry if the opportunity presents its self but working is equally valid. You see with the ever-evolving world of technology we need less and less lower class people to work in the factories. But we are not the barbarians you may have heard of. We will not execute the lesser kind. We will merely out breed them until they are extinct." Penelope said with great joy. "Your legs are very smooth." She added inquisitively.
"Yeah, I shaved them." Nina replied bluntly. She was starting to get annoyed with Penelope because of her prejudice, even if she seemed fairly pleasant. "Come to think of it I should have brought my razor."
"They wouldn't have let you. We are not permitted to shave our bodies." Penelope replied.
"Really? I thought you would have found that most 'ladylike'."
"Oh on the contrary, our bodies are not seen by those who would judge us so it is not necessary. For an unattatched lady to shave is to suggest there is someone she wants to see her body."

Nina turned as faced the other way. "This can't be my life for the next two years." She thought to herself. "I need adventures and excitement. I don't even want a husband, nor do I want to waste my days in a dull factory. I need a miracle to get me out of here and somewhere exciting."