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Snippet #2579135

located in The Island, a part of Welcome to The Island, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Island

The Island


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Character Portrait: Jimmy Argus Character Portrait: Ruby Saxton Character Portrait: Maria Moon Character Portrait: Dylan Murphy Character Portrait: Julia Nilsson
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Image After the alarms went off Ruby headed down the hallway figuring she would head to the main desk to maybe get some answers about the total bullshit that was going on. However after only a couple of steps a man stepped out from the staircase. She recognized him from yesterday they had arrived at the same time and she was pretty sure he had a room next to hers.

“Hey, what the fuck is going on?”

Ruby couldn’t help but look at him completely dumbfounded. “Your heads bleeding.” She pointed out, it wasn’t like a gash or in any need of medical attention but nothing else had come to mind at the time. ”Um,” She put her hand up realizing she hadn’t actually answered his question. ”I mean, I don’t know well. Although you should probably stop that bleeding. Cut on the head, lots of blood vessels...” She dragged on at the end as she stopped herself from rambling on. The slam of a door took her attention next as she turned around to see another woman barricade her door. ”What is happening? Why is your door shaking.” She finished as another door opened up revealing another one of the resort goers. "Well I doubt you have any idea what's happening." she spoke to the new woman.

ImageDylan woke up at six o’clock after sleeping the entire time since he got to the island. The boat ride over was more of a car ride down a bumpy mountain and left him feeling rather sick and not in the mood to do much of anything that first day.
As he stood to his feet he cracked his knuckles and headed to the bathroom. He was still not feeling one hundred percent but it seemed like polar opposites when compared to yesterday. He took a couple of aspirins and washed his face with a wet cloth. Leaving the room he slid on his shoes and his black zip up sweater and left his room for the dining hall. The walk there was rather sketchy as almost all the lights seemed to be out. Except for a select few at the ends of each hall but he managed to simply shrug it off thinking perhaps someone flipped the switches and no one put them back on. It was early in the morning and seemed like a pretty good reason.

Making his way past the main hall he started to get a creeping feeling that something was going on. There was no one to be seen. However he went back to the reason being it was early and maybe he just happened to get there when someone just left. A rather shitty excuse but he wasn’t asking any questions.

Dylan entered the dining room which had the window curtains fully drawn and was letting in the beginning of sunlight, granted it wasn’t a whole bunch. He grabbed a cup from the serving table and poured himself a cup of coffee. Something was off though and sticking a finger in the cup revealed that it was cold, almost freezing. “Fucking great.” He moaned placing the cup back down on the table. All he wanted was a quick wake up that he hoped would be his morning coffee but instead was three louder than life alarm bells going off and he must have been directly underneath one as it damn near deafened him.
It took him a minute before his ears stopped ringing and the sound of a door grabbed his attention. A man came out of the kitchen and figuring he was one of the workers he called out to him. “Hey man what’s with those fuck off alarms? You guys start a fire in there or something.”

“Or something.” The man said with a smirk.

”What do you mean ‘or someth-” Before he could finish his sentence a knife was imbedded into the wall he was standing behind.”What the fuck.” He looked at the man again who was brandishing another knife and winding up. ”Shit.” He managed to utter before taking off in the opposite direction. Taking the first set of stairs of he took off down the hallway only looking back for a second as he rounded the corner running directly into the back of another man and falling backwards to the ground. “Oh shit.” He looked up at the man who lucky was in a group with several others that seemed to have no idea what was happening either.