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located in Androria, a part of Candles & Clockwork, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Quinton Mylod Character Portrait: Isaac [ANGEL - XIII] Character Portrait: Gladys
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Quinton Mylod/Gladys

Upon hanging up, Quinton began chuckling, eventually breaking out into manical laughter. "At last. The fruits of my labor are finally showing. Its only a matter of time before these god damn islands all come crashing down." Snickering to himself once again, Quinton finally managed to calm himself. "Oh, that's right. I still have to move a few of my other pieces into play." Fidgeting with the main transmission dial on his device, Quinton finally got it to the frequency he wanted. After adjusting the middle and smaller dial, he raised the device to his ear. "Hey there, buddy! Get those weapons I asked for?..." A few moments passed after Quinton had received his answer. "Dear me. Now that's mighty unfortunate. You see, I'm running a very tight schedule right now and I'll need those weapons pronto! If you can't deliver..." After a few panicked ramblings and empty promises from the other end, Quinton continued. "Very well, chum! I'll give you one more day. Have them ready by then, alright? You know what will happen if you don't." With that, Quinton once again cut the connection.

"Now..." Turning his head to the two men and the abomination that was once a failed ANGEL attempt behind him, Quinton eyed them quizzically. "Did you gentlemen need something?" Quinton asked, not even pretending to be interested in their answer. "Hey, boss. We gotta get dis thing fixed. It almost ripped Jacob's leg off this mornin'." The generic grunt explained, pointing to the ANGEL behind him, cautiously. The ANGEL's gender was not even recognizable by appearance at this point. It had suffered results from both the experiments and mutation from Acid Rain, before Quinton's men picked it up from the surface. It merely stood there, it's deformed, red eyes fallen to the floor as it's bulbous face leaked a bit of pus onto the floor. Looking back, Quinton could see that a generous trail of the substance was made on the way to his establishment. "And pray-tell... How is this my problem?" Giving an irritated sigh, Quinton opened the middle drawer of the desk in front of him, taking out a sheet of paper from a scattered pile with three numbers written on it. "This is the frequency for a mechanic not to far from here. Do make sure not to be seen entering his establishment, alright? I'm short on tech suppliers and really don't need another one getting arrested." Taking a moment to consider something, Quinton added in another detail before dismissing the men. "Do make sure to take 'precautions' in case that does happen." With a sinister smile, the man replied. "Oh. Don't worry, boss. We'll make sure the snark don't say a word." With that, the trio exited the building, leaving Quinton to himself once more.

With a sigh, he dialed his device again. "Oh, hello! Remember what we talked about before?... That's right. So about it? Get me those ANGEL units, my good man?" The next sound that filled the air a was a thunderous bang. In fact, it had been Quinton's clenched fist that hit the top of his desk. "You do know how I hate to wait... You command those pieces of scrap, so WHY is it so hard to get them reprogrammed to follow my orders?... Enough excuses, old man. If you have to, get that damn figurehead unit to do the job. Or else." Having made himself clear, Quinton hung up. Immediately after, he grasped his head in agony. "AGH! Dammit! These useless cretins... Why can't they do anything right?!" Quinton exclaimed, banging his hand on the desk numerous times as he fought to focus the pain somewhere other than his head. Meekly reaching for the medicine in his pocket, Quinton brought it out with a shivering hand. Upon delivering it into his stomach, Quinton gasped heavily for a few more minutes before his breathe began to calm."Just a little longer... I'll become a god once more... In just a little while longer..." With those words, Quinton began to chuckle to himself again. Eventually, it transitioned into a noise that could be mistaken for sobbing.

"Hey lady. Are you dead?" Gladys winced at the sunrays that playfully danced over her eye, in between the cracks of a swaying branch. Opening it, she looked up only to meet the eyes of another. "Wha-..." Before Gladys could finish her question, a scream was heard from behind the figure before her. Her uncovered eye now fully opened, Gladys jerked up. It turns out that the one who woke her up was a child, no older than 4. Turning her confused glare towards the direction of the scream, a frightened woman came into view. She seemed startled, or and least deeply disturbed by Gladys' presence. Gladys moved to get up from the tree she had been leaning against, which caused the woman to stiffen. "W-we weren't breaking any laws. J-just on our way to visit our grandma. We decided to take a shortcut." The woman explained, trembling as she did so. She seemed to be inching towards the child ever so slightly, keeping her eyes on Gladys. Gladys tilted her head, still somewhat puzzled by the situation. Standing up, Gladys gave the woman one final cursory glance before speaking. "U-u-um. Protocol states that all residents must take public transport if their destination exceeds 2 kilometers from their initial starting point." Suddenly feeling a bit nervous, Gladys resorted to using her protocol to deal with the situation. "We know! We just didn't have enough money to get a cab. Plus... There aren't many people who would drive us to the middle of a forest..." Gladys stared at her, somewhat unsure on how to respond. Before she had the chance to, the woman dashed towards the child and man a B-line in another direction. Gladys stood there, watching them. She felt somewhat relieved having gotten through the awkward situation.

"Ah! Fuckin' finally! God. I thought this piece of shit would never work." Suddenly, a masculine voice roared in Gladys' head, startling her for a second. "Hello?..." Gladys cautiously greeted the voice, feeling some kind of familiarity with it, although she couldn't quite put her finger on it. "Yeah. Hey, dummy. You know how long I've been tryin' to get in contact with you? Five fuckin' hours. Newsflash, Bozzo. Ya need to stop turnin' off yer damn radio chip." Gladys' face lit up with cognizance. "Ezikiel!" Gladys replied, her only words a simple exclamation. "I know my own damn name. Wai-... Where the hell are you?" Gladys looked around her, slowly drifting her gaze over the landscape. "Um... A forest?" Gladys answered, although it seemed more like a question. "Are you freaking kiddin' me?! A forest again?! God! Who knew ANGELs could be such fuckin' airheads. Get your ass back to HQ NOW. I gotta check up on your circuitry. There's also supposed to be some dumb ANGEL formation in a few hours, so get here FAST!" The angry man hung up, obviously displeased with the ANGEL he was put in charge of.

Gladys slowly made her way back to HQ, her curiosity urging her to make little detours at the various places she crossed on the way. There was even a parade going on that she took particular interest in. There were ANGELs stationed at the streets, allowing the atmosphere to become cheerful but under control. Eventually, she made it back only an hour before the formation was to take place. Gladys was eager to see Isaac again. She wanted to tell him about the new flower she discovered on her trip to the forest and over her encounter with the child and his sister. However, Ezikiel had other ideas in mind before she was allowed to do so. "Welcome back, princess. Did you have a nice little trip? You were supposed to be patrolling St. Malcolm through Walburn street, you slacker. Ezikiel greeted, with a mocking tone added to his already sarcastic personality. Gladys looked down, feeling a bit guilty that she failed to follow her orders. "Whatever. Just com'ere and turn around. I need to make sure your modulator ain't shorting out." Obeying Ezikiel's orders, Gladys waited until he was finished fiddling with her machinery. "There. That should keep you from manually shutting off yer radio. Da fuck you doing that for anyway?" Ezikiel asked, annoyed to find that Gladys had consciously been blocking communication with him. She continued to stare at the floor, afraid to respond to the man's question. Finding that he wasn't going to receive an answer Ezikiel shook his head and returned to his chair. Look at me. Talkin' to a fuckin' robot. Jus' get outta here." Gladys left the room, closing the door behind her. While she didn't exactly dislike Ezikiel, she hated when he yelled at her for neglecting her duties.

Aimlessly wandering the halls, Gladys suddenly remembered the formation Ezikiel mentioned earlier. Realizing that she was about to be late, Gladys rushed to the formation area, only to find that the briefing was about to start. Most of the other ANGELs were already present, waiting for Isaac to show up and issue out their orders. Feeling embarrassed that she was so late, Gladys sprinted over to her spot at the end of the formation, a snicker or two escaping some of the other ANGELs who were more aware of her frequent tardiness record than the rest. She blushed slightly, trying to maintain what little composure she could muster before the meeting began.