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Nina was woken by a piercing whistle. She sprang up and glanced around, not sure what to make of what had just happened. It was still dark outside. What kind of time was this to be getting up? But the other girls seemed well prepared and quickly got out of bed and stood to attention. An older woman came round and unlocked their chastity belts before ushering them into the showers. Penelope had been right, the other girls didn't shave. Nina was the only one without coarse hair on her legs. She heard a lot of whispering from the other girls. Was it about her? She couldn't tell. She didn't really care that much either. They'd only just met her so they couldn't really judge. Nina just tried to clean herself up but suddenly the sharp whistling noise sounded again and the showers quickly turned off. Nina stood looking in amazement as the other girls proceeded unphased by the rapid routine. "How could you possibly wash yourself in that little time?" Nina wondered. At home Nina was used to more lengthy showers if not proper baths. The contrast of life at the academy was already proving difficult to adjust to. The same woman came around again and re-fitted their chastity belts before saying. "You have 10 minutes before inspection. Get dressed, freshen up and do your makeup."
"10 minutes?" Nina thought. She usually spent at least 10 on makeup alone. She got herself dressed as quickly as possible, brushed her teeth at top speed to give herself ample time at the makeup table.

They were marched out into the courtyard. Nina thought she could hear the other girls whispering and laughing again. "If they're not even going to talk to me before judging me then I don't care what they think." Nina told herself. Helena marched around the courtyard inspecting their uniforms closely. Nina was pretty sure she'd followed the rules. Knee high socks? Check. Knee length skirt? Check.
"NINA!" She heard Helena screech from behind her. Helena grabbed Nina by the ear.
"What? What did I do?" Nina asked.
Helena pointed at Nina's skirt. Nina had thought the length had been appropriate and infact that wasn't problem. On glancing over her shoulder she realised in her haste she'd accidentally tucked the back of it into her chastity belt.
"Sorry, I'm not used to wearing skirts and I was in a rush to get to the makeup table." She apologised.
"Why aren't you used to wearing skirts? Trousers are for men, young lady. And don't give me that nonsense about the makeup table. I could have done a better job in 30 seconds with my eyes closed. You look like a harlot. Far too much around the eyes. As this is your first day I will let you off easy but usually this would be quite serious." Helena handed Nina a slip of paper which read. "Punishment - Beating x10" Nina stared at the paper. "Report to the punishment room at half past 7, once your lessons are finished." Helena said assertively.