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located in The Mortal Realm, a part of When Gods Unite, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Mortal Realm



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Character Portrait: Verisavia Character Portrait: Yuuka Character Portrait: Chzo Character Portrait: Aaron Character Portrait: Ashton Character Portrait: Morengar Character Portrait: Caleb Smith
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One by one, several of the other deities managed to find their way to the mortal settlement, thanks to the birds Verisavia had called upon to do her bidding. With the rune emblazoned on Morengar's forehead, the others had been able to recognise him. While not all of their associates had managed to arrive as of yet, the fact that more than half of them were here already was very good news indeed. The pantheon had made a grave mistake putting them so close together instead of having them scattered across the entire world. It would only take much less time for them to be reunited.

The only one of the gods that had given Morengar more than a glance in his direction was Chzo, the god of pain. The deranged deity's wide grin was met only by a look of blank disdain from Morengar. Suffice to say, he did not share the sentiment. While wondering what their plan of action was going to be from here, it was Verisavia who ended up providing one. Ze had been restrained, and they had to go find and assist him. Plain and simple, just how Morengar preferred it. Before they could set off, however, a wild mortal appeared from one of the rooftops overlooking them, landing right on top of Yuuka. Verisavia dealt with the mortal's accompanying adversaries without delay before going to find Ze, although the god of the dead couldn't help but wonder if this man might have actually been a known criminal that they had unwittingly aided.

Regardless, there was little need to trouble himself with the affairs of mortals. Morengar followed the nature goddess with all due haste, his long strides covering a surprising distance with each step.