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Isaac was intimidating, or so he'd been told by his supervisors. He was told this was a good thing and he should bank on the advantage fear gave him over others. Oddly enough he did not understand but he did comprehend that he was doing something that was earning him praise. That is why Isaac made it his goal to continue being intimidating, even to his own troops. It was a cheap facade really, he was actually quite kind to all of them but it did earn him a certain level of respect. Stepping out of the command room he marched toward the assembly of ANGEL's they were his troops, loyal to his command, and although he got his orders from an even greater source it filled him with pride to know they were on his side. Stepping in front of his troops he was silent for a moment they could not see through the red glare of his gas mask but he could see them and he took time observing each face, he spotted Glady's in her place looking frazzled. He was friends with her so he could not help but soften his resolve when it came to any discipline he might be ordered to give. She was one of them, an ANGEL not human and they had to stick together, because even if he'd been tortured he knew that things were going to start burning and no one would help them. Well, Callie might but she was a rare breed of human, hardened to death like an ANGEL but with all of her brain capacity reserved to herself. An admirable human being.

Pulling off his mask and pulling out a clipboard with the arm and hand that had not been turned into a weapon of death he quickly looked over the assignments. Today was important and he needed to make sure everyone was prepared for there job. Looking up piercing red eyes looked over the assembled. "Alright. I'm going to say this once so pay attention." He was proud of how his voice carried making all eyes shift to him and the entire assembly quiet even further. Good, they had caught his serious tone. "Today as you all know is Aether Ascension day, as we all know the Middle class islands will be quiet most of the day with perhaps the odd parade. However this does not mean you get to slack off, and doing so will result in a consequence from our makers." He always loathed saying that, but it was fact and unavoidable at best. "You all will be following your regular assigned routs until tonight where you are requested to team up with one other ANGEL, as we all know the upper class bachelors will be coming down in bulk to celebrate, they can get rowdy and disobey the rules and regulations." Isaac's voice took on an edge and the air got sharp. Every ANGEL had the desire to uphold the law beaten into them anything but was almost sickening. He shifted a little taking a moment to eye his troops again. "We will NOT be allowing any criminals to escape this night, you are to be deliberate and fair we've been given the right to use deadly force if they resist. Your patrols will cover wider areas and breaks are not going to be given." He eyed everyone making sure his words were clear, then he began going over the names of who was patrolling where and whom they were to team with for the evening, Glady's was going to be with him that evening patrolling the docks. It was an important task. When he was done he looked back to everyone. "Your dismissed, make plans with your patrol partner, rest for a moment and then get back to work."