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located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City, a part of Equipoise, one of the many universes on RPG.

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

Home of the Humans


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Nathaniel looked back to Colter, his eyes yet to clear up but were slowly focusing into a sniper's scope. It was just taking time, unfortunately. ''Oh...'' He looked at the man, seeing his warily, his glare. He did not glare back nor stare for too long as he didn't want to provoke him from making more than just noise on the door, his pointed ears behind his long silvery locks were put in alert just in case. His constant shifting continued but was slowing down, it seemed to be connected to his frame of mind, his nerves and being 'reborn' again. His body was simply experimenting and getting reaquainted with itself again. He looked back to Ryuu, wincing a bit but being more silent about it as his body still shifted to one form or another... mixtures including the claws, the black boned spikes, fins, scales and even the bones on his shoulder blades which were the start of wings but they never completed only shifted back into his form and into other things again as his body switched and changed. Holding the bloodstained and borrowed shirt close to him with one hand while the other was on his chest still. Keeping his legs close to his chest in order for flesh not to be exposed any further than it had already have.

As he was asked about his origin, his species, his being of existence he was silent, his bluish yellow snake like hues watching Ryuu as she rose up onto her feet then began to pace. Only then to be asked further questions as he watched the woman, still silent. Blinking slowly and backing his head back as she crouched down before him, asking how he killed the people back in the morgue and what the crystallized orbs were. Silent still. It was true, there was a limit of time to ask him such personal questions and actually get an answer for them, as best he could offer anyhow even if he was slow to doing so. ''What am I? ... A curious question indeed, I h-have..'' He stopped for a moment looking down at the blood around him from his wounds were spikes and other things forced themselves free then disappeared the next, just wincing before he continued. ''Yet to discover the answer to that one myself.''

He blinked slowly at Ryuu, watching her reaction before continuing, little by little starting to become more like himself... but it was evident he had lost his privacy and perhaps be under the microscope for now on. ''I...'' He looked guilty once more but continued, with much reluctance. ''I drained them of their souls. The orbs are the same thing... I do not use stamina or mana as you do to power my... capabilities and they are far more... expansive than I have ever shown the Academy. I can do more but my power s-source..'' He looked away as he continued with a low voice, his shoulders lowering as if someone reminded them of a heavy burden upon them. ''Is souls. From people... demons or angels alike... I... try not to feed often but... I need to be careful lest I lose myself to my more... primitive and volatile self. I can be very dangerous... too dangerous for this world perhaps...'' He looked at Ryuu for a long moment, keeping his hands to himself in a curled up form into the wall which was stained in blood along with the floor below him as he continued to bleed but heal in front of Ryuu as his uncontrollable shifting of his form slowed down to a stop and the recurring wounds started to heal by themselves. ''W-what... happens now, Ryuu? What will you do with me... to me? I am not blind to your lack of empathy towards me.'' He looked to Ryuu's chest, passed flesh and bone to her soul. ''I can see it...''

He pointed to the centre of the woman's chest. ''There. You do not have sympathy for me. You can barely understand as it is. Perhaps you never will, not that I can blame you. My place is a rather confusing one in this world and many others I have seen.'' His eyes wandered off to the blood stained wall as he thought to himself for a long moment. He looked back up to Ryuu, returning his hand to his chest, his eyes sharpening as he looked at her. ''So tell me what you are going to do with me now and be done with it.'' He frowned, waiting for her to speak, being defensive though inside he was afraid of what things they possibly would do to him. He had been through a lot of differing... forms of torture and painful procedures. Though he could heal or return back to the world if death took him, he was still afraid like most, of pain.