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located in New earth, a part of Remorseless Evolution, one of the many universes on RPG.

New earth



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June King

June stayed silent as the woman went on about how he might have needed some kind of company. He didn't want to say much on the topic, neither the one about Cortez being hot. "I-I don't know," the man said feeling a little awkward towards the question. "He's looks good for his age I suppose."

Listening to her recollection of the past, June began to feel bit of empathy for the girl. She had lost everything she had, which was much more than he could ever dream of having. She lost not only her family, but her home as well because of the war. He wished he knew more about it. Deep down, June even wish he was able to experience it. Only six years had passed since imprisonment and the world changed in so many different ways.

She had been trying not to let her tears go, but the man knew it was probably only a matter of time. While she talked to him, the tears were already forming in the corners of her eyes and June automatically felt like he was suppose to console her some way. Soon he realized she was leaning against his chest and he could feel the wet tears through his shirt.

"I'd give anything at all to have him back..."

There was nothing June could really say. He didn't have any type of way to bring people back to life. Nor did he have words that he was sure would make her feel better. He wouldn't be a hypocrite anytime soon and until he figured out his own problems he wouldn't be able to offer much solace. Still, June felt the need to help her feel better. So, he put his hand on her head, and patted her softly as if he were brushing her hair with his hand. The memory of his parents came into his mind, for they would also hug him and pat his head when he was sad. He figured most children's parents did. Either way, it was the least he could do at the moment.

Like most times June didn't know what to talk about, he talked about something he was comfortable with sharing with people. "Cortez had been in the prison longer than I. He saw me when I killed the prisoner to save the kid. Hehe. The man's first words to me were, 'Are you crazy?', but I knew then. I knew he was a good person. I never did find out what Cortez was in for and I never asked. I think him and I are okay with that. Anyway, he watched me after I got out the reformation chambers. Watched over me when I stopped talking, and even became something like a father to me. I learned a lot of great things from that man. Needless to say, some of those things had to do with self defense."

He ceased his words there and looked down towards the woman, who's face was hidden over his shirt. "You okay," he asked calmly.