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located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City, a part of Equipoise, one of the many universes on RPG.

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

Home of the Humans


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Character Portrait: Marius Raguel
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Realisation came far too late for Marius. This refreshing wind that seemed to lift the very spirit of the falling angel, took time to blossom into the rather shocking realisation that Gravity was once again inserting its cruel influence to try and bring another unwilling object into the grounds indifferent embrace. A terrifying concept to any creature lacking the power of flight. Opening his eyes and training them to the ground, which was closer than he thought. He threw open the wings upon his back and tilted them, swooping, trying to bring himself into something that resembled flight. Human engineering was not something Marius had became familiar with yet, but as he came close to levelling out a rather large metal structure seemed to appear out of no where. Forcing his large wings forwards with all the force he could muster, he attempted to slow himself down. As he brought the large white wings back out of his line of sight he placed his hand upon the cold metal and pushed off it with all his force. The metal buckled and collapsed inwards on it self as Marius came crashing intro the concrete below the structure.

Standing himself up, and brushing the dust off his form Marius, inspected the structure he just crashed into. The large metal frame alien to him. Glancing to one side he noticed a sign off in the distance " Amusement?" he spoke out loud, the sign was in disrepair like the rest of the place. It seemed deserted and so Marius was safe in style in this form but he knew he had to hide his wings. Wrapping his wings around himself, they glowed briefly before taking the form a large white t-shirt. It was at this moment he remembered the sheet of paper within his hand. He wondered briefly what he was going to do with it, before he could come to any conclusions the paper blinded him, and seemingly disappeared from his hand. In truth it had shifted form and moved to his ear. A communicator so he could give his reports back to Aurae.

Striding away from the derelict place, he set his sights firmly on the grey looming structures that made up the city, it deemed more likely that he would find the child in a more populated area than a place with no one around, well Marius believed no one was around, in the shadows of the amusement park lurked the local youths, who had just witnessed an angel come crashing down from the sky, literally. But tracking him would surely be difficult for even Marius himself was impressed, at how quickly he had found the crowds. Marius now truly faced with the scale of his task. Chance alone could not help him, he had to narrow down the general population from the search, but he had nothing to work with. He decided for now to follow the younger looking members of the crowds, he did have that information about the child. Noticing some of the younger member's of the crowd was dressed in some form of uniform he decided to stop a passing business man to inquire about it. " Pardon my interruption... but can you tell me where that uniform comes from" he said gesturing across to the children. " Yeah the academy ..why do you ask?" the man replied, giving a rather disapproving look towards Marius. " I seek a child... around 16.... distant relation of mine" he said spinning a story on the spot. " Thank you for your time" Leaving the business man to himself Marius carried on his way, knowing he would have to check this academy out at some time.