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Inner Circle of the 3rd, 5th & 8th Circles

When one first thought of the Third Pillars personal domain within his circles, many thought of a disgusting and horrid place beyond imagination. It was his bad temper and grueling appetite that gave birth to this image. In truth, in the eyes of a messenger, who was currently delivering a message to said Pillar of Strength, his home was quite grand. It was also, quite possibly, the only domain that looked normal if a human or Angel was to set eyes upon it. With its lush pastures set upon rolling hills, gigantic mountains that dwarfed the few scattered settlements within the immediate vicinity. There was even a large river. Its waters tore at its borders with only the crash of water against rock as the only warning to a swift and cold death.

Beyond the river were two large peaks. A single archway of rock connected the two peaks together, forming a natural bridge of sorts but many could speculate that it was the Earth Kings doing. There were many other peaks of varying sizes with their own natural bridges. These peaks upon first look seemed to be scattered randomly but in fact, if seen from above, formed a circle of sorts. There were five twin peaks in total with the fifth peak being the largest of the other four. It was quite obvious that this peak was home to the Prince of Earth. A large building was set into the side of one of the two peaks. It was made completely of stone but of course over time plants and other things began to live on its surface. Across the rocky bridge was another archway but much smaller in comparison to what it sat upon. Each of the five peaks housed a similar archway, each with a different roman numeral carved into its stone.

It could be assumed that each of these archways were the portals that led would lead the traveler to one of the Circles that Chikyu looked after. The one near his home was his personal portal that would take him to the Human world while the other portal, also the second largest twin peaks, led to Purgatory which the messenger had passed through some time ago. However he stood there for quite some time, his eyes searching every nook and cranny they could visibly see and what his mind could handle. Suddenly the ground began to shake violently before it seemed to liquefy before his very eyes. It was as if something was moving under the very rock he stood upon. Immediately the messenger stepped back in hopes the portal would take him back to Purgatory, a place he knew well unlike here.

The rolling rock formed a wall between the messenger and the portal’s entryway. This made the demon jump and he quickly ran forwards in hopes of outrunning it. However a tall figure blocked his escape route and the poor demon was just about ready to push the figure down until he felt the weight of said figures gaze upon him. The messenger stumbled to a halt that soon led to him being on his knees. Already his body began to shake and he glanced up at those cold blue-green orbs as their gaze narrowed.

Realizing nothing would happen without him breaking the ice, the Prince of Earth crouched down in front of the messenger. A flicker of curiosity was cast in his eyes but it was but a flicker and was gone. Looking over the messengers shoulder, Chikyu realized his Golem was still blocking the portal to Purgatory and was also still making the ground quiver. With a soft growl Chikyu waved his hand in a shooing motion in the general direction of the Golem. There was no reply from the mound of earth but now that the ground no longer quivered with its movements it could be assumed the familiar had gone elsewhere. He focused his attention back on the messenger who visibly relaxed some but was still tense in the towering shadow of the Third Pillar. Rolling his eyes, Chikyu laid his chin on his palm, regarding the messenger with a look of boredom.

“So I see you’re a messenger. What is this messenger you’ve come to deliver?” At the sudden break of strained silence, the messenger flinched and quickly dug into the satchel at his side. “Ah yes my mistake for taking so long.” Only giving him a nod, Chikyu watched the fellow for a bit longer until his mind began to think of his next meal. “And uh here is your message Prince of Earth. Now if you’ll excuse me I must be on my way.” Finally the demon showed some backbone and in an instant he scampered on back to the portal and was gone without even waiting to see if Chikyu had a response for him to send back to the sender. For the briefest of moments his temper flared but with a deep breath in and out, he calmed himself and focused his energy on opening the letter.

It wasn’t often that he got a message on paper. Usually Satan would have the messengers relay the message verbally but if it was important the King of Demons often resorted to pen and paper to avoid potential conflict. He knew it was from his mentor by the seal that had been pressed into the wax. Finally standing upright Chikyu started the trek back to his home, opening and reading the contents of the letter as he walked.