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Satan Azrael

It occurred again, that surge of power. Azrael had gone to his study after he had dismissed the Princes. The messenger should be on his way back from delivering his letter to the Prince of Earth. His body stiffened and the hair on his neck stood on end. The power surge was different this time. It felt raw as if something new had been born. The surge was short-lived but that didn't mean they wouldn't be able to track down its general location. With a frown Azrael looked out the large window to the light red sky. It was still brightly colored and it didn't seem like it would darken anytime soon.

He leaned back in his seat and stretched, releasing a restless sigh as he did so. There were many things he had to deal with. First it was the absence of return of the Prince of Earths subordinate. Then came the power surges that garnered his most attention for some time now and now he had to focus his attention on the Princess of Air's subordinate and the proof that was shown him of his treacherous acts. Azrael was sure the Princess resented him for believing her fellow Prince of Fire. There wasn't much that he could do about the subject other than deem it as truth and conduct an investigation.

He stood up from his chair, striding to the edge of the window to look down at his domain, Purgatory. "Maybe it's time that I visit her and see what she has seen." A look of irritation crossed his face. It was never particularly enjoyable when he dealt with the Keeper of Purgatory. Thinking about her childish behavior made his head ache; already he could faintly hear her high voice. But alas she really was the only one who would know what happens around Inferno. At one point in time, too long ago for any demon to remember, she had been able to roam all of Inferno before she had been strictly forced into the circle of Purgatory.

Azrael walked the halls of his home, turning right into what seemed to be a wall. However unlike a wall, Azrael was able to pass through. It had been a while since he walked through this dank and small hallway. "I'll need to have this fixed as well." With a sigh the King of Inferno swiped his finger against the wall, pulling away his finger to find grime and something wet. He frowned at the sight and wiped it against his pant leg as he continued down the narrow hall. It was only a few moments later that he arrived at the cavern. Azrael walked to the edge of the rocky platform and looked down at the many levels below as they disappeared into the black maw of Purgatory's finest prison.

Stepping away from the edge, Azrael clasped his hands behind his back and whistled a brief tune. The shrill notes danced and bounced against the walls, making it seem louder than it really was. "I am in need of your assistance, Thea." He forced out her more personal name with a frown.

Not Long Before

The deity watched and listened attentively to her newest prisoner’s conversation with his superior, the Princess of Air. Their conversation thus far was pretty boring to listen to but the white haired girl’s expressions were amusing. She was like a child speaking to her dearly beloved older brother. What would that be like? Her brow knitted together in confusion at the brief thought. Thinking more on it, Thea stopped paying attention to the pair’s conversation until it was too late. She noticed the Princess of Air wished to leave however the only way to open the door was from the outside. Giggling to herself, Thea whisked the door open. She stood to the side to allow the Princess through and peeked within the room at Yeuri, a devilish grin on her lips. “Tata Mr. I’m Not a Traitor.” The door now closed and locked behind her, Thea led the Princess of Air back out of Purgatory’s prison; leaving her once they reached the start of the narrow hall that would take her back into the nicer parts of Purgatory.

~ ~ ~

The shrill tunes of his whistle hurt her ears, as it filled her being with its noise. Frowning, the conscious that was the Keeper of Purgatory drifted through the walls until finally she was close enough for her to become physical again. Satan watched as the ground rolled like the sea would when something massive moved beneath its calm surface. It stopped some ten feet away from him where a bubble began to rise up from the ground and then pop to reveal a small woman, or girl really. As usual the creature wore her usual goofy grin but her bright pink eyes belied the notion that she was anything but goofy.

Folding her arms across her chest, Thea regarded Satan with some amusement for she already knew what he was here for. “If you’re here to ask about my new prisoner, he’s still alive and kicking. At least when I last saw him.” She giggled but stopped when she saw that her King was not amused. “You know what I came here for and it wasn’t to see if the traitor is still in good health. Of course he’ll need to be once the investigation gets underway.” The two stared at each other for a moment longer before Azrael cleared his throat, obviously irritated already.

“What have you seen Thea? Have they begun to move yet?” The They he spoke of was the faction that wished him dead and gone, especially after his affair with the previous Seraphim. Azrael had thought they were no longer around but it seems they are still very much active and they’ve certainly gotten bolder by placing Yeuri in a position so close to him.

The overseer watched him with a guarded expression. Suddenly twirling around so that her back was to him, Thea looked over her shoulder with a finger on her chin as she thought about his question. “Well they certainly have been a bit antsier as of late, especially when I’m around. Of course just because I’m not there in person doesn’t mean I can’t see or hear them.” She raised her hands in disappointment then faced him again. “The demons you caught eight years ago have also begun to meet up with one another. I’m sure they’re planning their next move now that their pawn has been found out.” Azrael looked down at her, hands still clasped behind his back. “Are you willing to keep tabs on them from now on then? At least until all this has been taken care of.” Thea thought for a brief moment, walking about as she did so.

Suddenly she jumped to the side almost melding together with the rock wall completely. She stopped herself and looked back at Satan who watched her. “Fine but you owe me a trip outside.” Sticking her tongue out at Azrael, she disappeared completely. The King of Demons couldn’t help but snort in amusement, “If that’s what it takes then so be it.” Turning on his heel, he was about to step into the narrow hallway when he remembered his other request. He looked to where she had disappeared, “And please do something about this hallway of yours. It has gotten rather dirty.” Azrael turned back to the hallway only to find that it had changed in those few seconds. Lips curled in a smile as he walked through the much wider hall. It was still made of the same material but at least it wasn’t dirty anymore and it actually smelled a bit nicer than before.