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located in Infinity StarCruiser C-X-Class, a part of Unofficials, one of the many universes on RPG.

Infinity StarCruiser C-X-Class

Aka, Kylee


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Kai hung up on his codex and walked into the ships cargo hold and stoped..
"This place is a fucking reck, nothing is strapped in properly, and what's this!"
Kai walked over to a crate that was busted open.. And inspected it.

"Fucking stings."

Kai walk to the bulk stair well and walked up one flight and walked down the corridor to inspect maintence room, engine room, and the prisoner hold. Everything seemed in order, and no stowaways, Kai hates free loaders. He has to work to barely make it and doesn't get any breaks, why should they!

Kai walks up the second flight of stairs into the cockpit and checked coordinates. Everything was a go. Kai got on the inter com and announced that the ship was about to depart.

Kai sat in the seat and pulled back on the yoke. The ships hydrogen ion engines slowly glowed into a bright and loud roar. The ramp receded back into the ship and they were off.