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This had to have been the easiest time she's ever had sneaking onto a ship. Seriously, she could have got on with her eyes closed! But she had to give them credit for trying. With guards, lots of loaders, checkpoints, scanners, and cameras, an amateur would have been caught in less than two minutes. But for her, it was just a game of timing, hiding, and screwing with the tech and aliens. Easy as pie. With that being said though, She was a little sloppy when a loader came back faster than planned and knocked over a pallet, but it wasn't that big of a mess, and those loaders were a bit sloppy. But by the time anyone who cared would have stopped to notice, she was relaxing on an actual bed. A job well done, she thought in her mind.

Now all she had to do was wait and escape the inevitable for another day. Or week, depending on wherever this ship was headed.

And wait.


Deep, slow breaths.

She congratulates herself on getting in and out of the cargo hold in an instant, bringing enough food to not cause for concern, but just enough to get her through the next day. She rewards herself by carefully opening up a package of salty chips and eating a few on her way back because she's 'amazing like that'. I should probably have a show or something about how cool I am. I'll be told to take stuff and come back out in like 15 minutes with it. It probably wouldn't be very good to have a camera man following me around everywhere, but I could—

"...They aren't yours."

The redhead nearly choked at the beast's voice. Caught like a child with the cookie jar behind their back. She didn't respond to him, not immediately. She just sighed and finished chewing the chip in her mouth, put down the bag, and brushed her hands off on her shorts. She started to go over scenarios in her head and they didn't look all too pretty. She didn't want to go through the process of being a captive again, so that brought it down to two options. Fight or flight. Can't run away on a spaceship, so it's the former. She finally looked up to the Wohian, who, was now blocking the door( Gosh he was tall, and big), and attempted to hide the signs that she was scared for her life. She replied in a smooth tone, "... Well furball, If you want them back, take 'em."