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located in Infinity StarCruiser C-X-Class, a part of Unofficials, one of the many universes on RPG.

Infinity StarCruiser C-X-Class

Aka, Kylee


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Xamphus could feel himself gritting his teeth in annoyance while he clenched his jaw. Every inch of his body stiffened up in anger. This woman. She really thought she owned the place, huh!?

"Take 'em..? You know.. We really hate stowaways. Especially smart asses like yourself."

Xamphus began to reach behind him onto a clip attached to his belt. He pulled a Static Arc Restraint (SAR) off and tapped on the activation button. It unraveled slightly and made a barely audible ticking noise. He made sure to keep it hidden behind his back. All the while, looking at the redheaded stowaway.

Xamphus stood there for a moment. He realized that one of her legs were quivering just enough for him to notice. He grinned and felt himself grow calm. He took a step forward.