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Infinity StarCruiser C-X-Class

Aka, Kylee


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Kai was sitting reclined in the captains seat with his leather boots propped on the console. Kai had "Barbie" (The name he gave to the female voiced A.I. because she was stiff and fake sounding.) piloting the ship while he messed around on his codex. Kai was about to get up and get some shut eye before they arrived at Nemos until he heard a deep snarly voice behind him, Kai didn't quite catch what Xamphus said.

What could he possibly want? We are still two days out and I am about to get some rest.'

Kai swiveled his chair around to the spectacle before him, a red headed stowaway hanging by her ankles, he was furious. Kai swiveled back around and grabbed for the yoke, which immediately disengaged Auto Pilot, and jerked it forward bringing the ship rapidly out of warp and turning on Auto Stability warning lights and controls, everyone in the cockpit shifted forward as the ship came to a complete stop, floating idle in space.

"What the actual fuck! How the HELL did a fucking stowaway get on my ship!"

Kai swatted a glass off the console sending hurtling towards a wall, He rose out his chair un-holstering his wepaon and holding to his side with one hand and began pointing with other.

"It was those fucking stings huh?"

Kai walks forward and bends down to look the stowaway in the eyes.

"They sent you aboard to make sure we didn't try skip out on the payment huh? Well you can tell Yui to suck my dick, he can consider his fucking payment good as gone!"

Kai stands up, looks at Xamphus with dis-belief,

'A stowaway on my ship! The gull of this chick'

Kai then turns past Xamphus and walks out the cockpit to the airlock down the corridor. Kai begins hitting some buttons in the console in the adjacent wall. The airlock door opens with with a loud "Stssss" and Kai points sharply in to black and cold looking chamber

"Put her in the airlock!"