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Snippet #2585935

located in Infinity StarCruiser C-X-Class, a part of Unofficials, one of the many universes on RPG.

Infinity StarCruiser C-X-Class

Aka, Kylee


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Character Portrait: Kai Moron Character Portrait: Xamphus Yokohama Character Portrait: Awendion Devillis
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Kai's scowl slowly diminished as he processed Xamphus' words.

'Selling her..yeah that would be a bit more beneficial than sending her hurtling through space. We could EASILY get 600,000 credits for her, shes a fine specimen, human,perfect slave material, I know a guy on Nemos that would want her...BUT if she works for Yui, oh god, I could kiss my reputation on Yute goodbye, he'll ruin me for killing OR selling one of his own...I guess there's always Corellia, Jobs pay less, but they are close together if not on the planet itself... something to think about...after the Nemos job.'

Kai holstered his weapon and reached out his hand to hit the big red blinking button the console, "Stssss", the airlock closed and Kai began to walk towards the cockpit.

"Put her in the brig then come back to the cockpit, we need to talk this through without the presence of our... uh guest.."

Kai opened the cockpit door and shut it as he walked through.

'600,000 credits, that would get us through a few months.. we could take a break and relax'

Kai walked over to the cup on the floor and placed it on the console and took his seat.

"Barbie!, Get us back in warp. Maintain course to Nemos, protocol 'Hotel Whiskey'(Orbit Pattern above destination)"

A female voice chimes in.

OH! I do wish you would stop refering to me as this 'Barbie'. I am 'Isabelle' your Infinity StarCruiser C-X Class complementary Assistant in all matters of the ship, sir"

"Mhmm. Can we proceed now?"

The voice stopped in its tracks, and replied as though the A.I. was turned off and in a very robotic tone, different from the first, replied.

"Setting course to Nemos.'

The ship jerked into motion, exponentially increasing in speed. In a matter of seconds, a chime rigged about the ship, informing the passengers that warp speed, has been achieved.