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So many regrets.

Deep breaths.

She tried her best not to glare daggers at the beast after he started dragging her floating body, but it was really, really ticking her off, Not to mention embarrassed her out of her mind. She felt like a patient in a mental hospital being rolled along in the restrained bed. She still has to remember she was the one who ran away, the one who hid on their ship, but it was reeeally hard to put the blame on herself at the moment. When she was spinning in the air.

She makes sure to keep her eyes open though, watching the way there and back. Silently watching, breathing deep breaths. She gets a look at the beast from behind, the systems on the walls.. Just mental notes. It's only when they get to the captain that she stops looking around and looks for him. An Asari? ...Well, it is a nice looking vessel, wouldn't surprise me if it was by their design. But what's he doing working with a—

Who the hell is Yui? A payment? ...What the hell? What kind of ship is this?

"Put her in the airlock!" After that, Awen's eyes lit up and blinked with a bit of disbelief. The airlock? Yeah, that's what she heard. She then immediately started trying to furiously rip her way out of those restraints, and yet all her strength must have looked like tiny fits due to the field. Still, she tried.

Damn it, I'll kill you! I'll kill him! I'll dance on your graves and sell your damn ship too, if it's worth anything!

Awen kept her eyes on whoever was talking, most likely trying to figure out which one held the most authority here. When she was finally talked to by the beast again, she turned her head and listened, perhaps a little more than she would for the Asari at the moment. Hey, whatever I have to say to stay alive, I'll say it. The only problem was she didn't know whether or not lying was going to help in this situation. If she worded it different, maybe she didn't have to find out.

"Put her in the brig then come back to the cockpit..."
"...Uh, guest.."

Well, at least it wasn't the airlock anymore. That was progress. If she could count on the AI again, she could maybe find a way out while the assholes talked up here. Or at least prepare herself better.

Breath in, Breath out. Everything is fine.