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Infinity StarCruiser C-X-Class

Aka, Kylee


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As soon as Kai gave the 'order' to put her into the prison hold, he gave a short sigh of relief. It wouldn't have been that great if they had to shoot a human out of an airlock and leave her in empty space as she froze to death. He could sense that her fear was dissipating after Kai had changed his mind. She actually got calmer than she should have been.. If Xamphus was her he would rather be launched out of the airlock, than sold. She had a plan, most definitely.

Xamphus had reached the prison hold when he came to the conclusion that she had something planned. He tapped on the electronic lock to open the cell door. The cell itself resembled more of a solitary confinement space than an actual prison cell. He set her down on her feet, and looked her in the eye with displeasure before he turned her around and pulled off the restraint, which made a large zapping noise as it came off. The restraint automatically compressed onto itself, and he shoved the stowaway into the cell.

Before she could even react, he tapped the switch and the door slid closed quickly. He inputted a passcode onto the electronic lock that would be required to open it. As he was tiwsted around, he bashed the back of his fist into the door as if to get her attention and called out,

"Have fun in there!"

He walked down the hallway and made his way back to the cockpit. Xamphus realized he should have searched her before he threw her into the cell. Not that whatever she had could ever get her out of there, and even if she did, there was no escape pods or alternate ways out of the ship. Only the airlocks. Those played more as exits when landed, due to the walkways just outside of them. Then there was the cargo bay door.. But that couldn't be opened while the ship is flying.

She really did choose the wrong ship.

Xamphus stopped when he arrived at the cockpit and got Kai's attention with,

"So what was it we were going to talk about, now?"