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He also was within his home when he felt that power surge. It was the second time actually but he hadn’t paid much mind to it. He merely assumed it was some human who went off and did something stupid. Chikyu looked down at the letter he held in his hands, still in a state of some disbelief of what has occurred while he had been secluded in his Circles, he reread the letter for the third time. Eyes danced across the piece of parchment in a slow dance, Chikyu wasn’t an avid reader, taking in its contents carefully and filing it away for later use. What really caught his attention was the fact that it was the Prince of Fire who had presented the evidence. “There is definitely something wrong with this.”

Folding up the letter, Chikyu stopped walking to look out a giant hole in the wall that was indeed a window of sorts. It could be assumed it came about during one of Chikyu's episodes. He folded his arms across his chest the letter tucked away under his arm. An amused expression settled on his features as he thought of the fun to be had due to current events. The Prince never would have thought Bavol's subordinate, her bodyguard, was in fact under allegiance to the Nine-Star faction. The thought made him chuckle since it was only eight years ago that they had apprehended quite a few of their members. “Which means some of them should be greeting their so called brother in arms very soon.”

With that in mind Chikyu stepped away from the wall to see more about the problems that have arisen. He left his home with the gateway of Purgatory in his mind. It wouldn’t take him very long to reach the gate even if it was on different peaks. Now that he was at the edge of his peak Chikyu whistled a low note. The ground rumbled beneath him as something swam under the surface of the ground. With a look of calm the Prince of Earth leapt off the edge of the peak to land safely on the back of what looked to be a smooth lump of rock. It was in fact his familiar Golem who was capable of fusing with the rock around him but there was only so much rock he could take in before he got to large.

Golem stretched out to the next peaks which held the door to Purgatory. If he wanted to visit his fellow Prince he'd have to go through Satan's many gates. Chikyu didn't quite wish to go through his old mentors’ home in order to get to the gate but it was in a sense the only way he could get to the Prince of Fires Circle. Finally Chikyu stood before the gate of Purgatory; still with a frown on his face. He scratched his head as if he were still thinking about whether or not he’d actually go through with his plan but then when he thought about how fun it’d be to poke at a few of his buttons a wolfish smile settled on his lips. The Prince of Earth looked up at the top of the gate before taking a step through it and opening a door into a white hallway. Looking around, he saw that no one was around which was good. Unfortunately even if he did try to hide his being there, Satan would know that someone had used his set of gates. Chikyu turned to the gate to the left, of the one that bore his mark, and stepped through the doorway.

Within Vincent’s Library

The wrathful demon strode the hallways of the paper filled room as if he was meant to be there. Many of the servants he came across squeaked upon seeing him, for they knew of the usual events that occurred when he was around their master. It didn’t take the Third Pillar very long to reach the area where he knew Vincent would be. Almost at once a servant tried to stop him, she was one of the more defiant ones and quite possibly new. “You’re not welcomed here. Please leave” she spoke with authority and it was obvious she was unaware of who he was. A cruel smile played at his lips as Chikyu stared her down. “Oh I know little girl.” He suddenly lashed out, kicking the woman who was thrown into the room that Vincent and another woman stood in. Chikyu entered the room, admiring the broken down door as if it were a masterpiece. “I must say Prince of Fire. You really need to educate your servants better; I almost gave into my ugly little sin.” sneering at his fellow prince.

With that being said Chikyu pulled one of the chairs closer towards him and plopped down into the cushions. He sat back in the chair his cold eyes staring intently at the demon before him. “I hear you caught a big one while I was holed up in my Circle and I must say it must have been awfully convenient for you to lay out such a well spun lie like that. I certainly didn’t expect you to pull out such a dangerous card. You know of the circumstances when he finds out you lied to him right? It won’t be pretty and I’ll be happy to lay out the punishment.” The prince watched Vincent for his reactions. He was well aware that the other demon probably had plans in case a certain meddlesome demon stepped in. Regardless of how the conversation went Chikyu would stand up swiftly to leave. Only once would he looked back his “comrade” with pure hate in his gaze. “I’ll make sure you burn for your lies Prince of Fire.” stuffing his hands in his pockets as he walked away, his gaze falling upon the servant he had kicked before looking away without a care.