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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Shailene Lehman Character Portrait: Erik Jorgenson. Character Portrait: Sienna Gancia Character Portrait: Stella Hudgens
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It had been a bit of a shock really, never in his wildest dreams had Erik imagined that he would be invited to a mansion. Not in his first week of school at least. Maybe his royal highness wasn't as bad as Erik had first expected. He did however notice that the girls had turned their heads in Ricardo's direction, and while Erik couldn't see their eyes he guessed that they might have influenced the decision a little bit. "Should have brought a toothbrush" He thought to himself as they pulled up at the enormous building. Not long after that Erik had collapsed on one of the softest beds he had ever had the pleasure of sleeping in. Unfortunately he couldn't figure out how the air-condition worked, so the poor northlander was doomed to a warm night with sleeping in his underwear on top of the sheets.

Sleeping had always been something Erik enjoyed, and to be quite frank he was very good at it. Friends had on multiple occasions debated upon whether a nuclear war between superpowers would have woken him up from his ancient slumber. In fact, one time while camping with the same friends they had been surprised by a storm in the night, and because of some poor work the tent had somehow managed to fly of, leaving the teenagers in their sleeping bags in the middle of a storm. Apparently Erik hadn't even twisted over and it took multiple attempts from his friends before they were able to wake him up. So Erik didn't even notice the door opening and closing and a moment later someone crawling up on him. One of his eyes slowly opened accompanied by a groan of protest, though his lips cracked open in a tired smile when he saw Sienna looking down on him. "I'm sure it would be just as fun in an hour" Erik protested with a joking tone, with the beautiful singer sitting on top of him he had absolutely no plans of falling asleep again. The power of boners is way to strong for that to ever happen.

"But I'm awake now so what the heck" Maybe the alcohol hadn't completely left his system, because Erik felt as confident as ever. Deciding that he didn't really have anything to loose Erik placed a hand behind Sienna's head and pressed his lips softly against hers for a little while before pulling back and letting go of her head. "Have to admit that this isn't the worst awakening I've ever had" He said with the closest he could come to a teasing smile while placing his hands on her hip. He had to admit she looked absolutely gorgeous sitting like that.