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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Taylor & Tyler Cunningham
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Tyler shrugged his shoulders and walked back over towards his brother, sitting down with a sigh. "So, I guess we are staying in the house all day tomorrow." Taylor laughed, taking a sip from his drink as Tyler did the same. "Why didn't we both get numbers tonight?" Taylor asked as Tyler shrugged his shoulders once again, rolling his eyes. "Because we're newbies?" He questioned in a curious tone as Taylor quirked his lip then stood up. "Guess that could be it. Ready to go." He patted Tyler on the shoulder and started his trek towards the exit.

Tyler soon followed behind him as they both unlocked their cars and got in. Taylor rolled down his window as Tyler did the same. "Hey bro. Want to light up the town with a race?" Tyler smirked a little bit and raised his window back up. He pulled out of the parking space and zoomed towards the edge of the parking lot, revving his engine as his brother pulled up beside him, basically doing the same. They both pulled out into the streets and the only audible were their roaring engines and tires screeching as they came up to a red light.

"Whoo!" Taylor cheered to himself as he waited for the light to turn green and him and his brother ripped the streets up once again. Eventually they made it home and argued about who won and lost the race. It was a petty argument since Tyler totally won and Taylor was being a sore loser about the whole ordeal. They looked over at their parents house and saw that all the lights were off and knew that that means that they are sleeping.

They both took off their clothes and showered, in their respective bathrooms then dressed for bed and tuned into their beds for the night. "Good night!" Taylor yelled out. "Night!" Tyler countered as they both drifted off to sleep and wondered what tomorrow was going to bring to the table for them both.