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located in Earth, a part of God Game, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Tohrushiki Character Portrait: Sora Heihatsutori Character Portrait: Anzo Character Portrait: Kagari Yonamura Character Portrait: Akio Hakudoshi
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Dialogue ~ #FF7190

As soon as she had asked the stranger his name, he'd dropped to his knee and bowed his head to her. Kagari would be lying if she didn't feel a tad embarrassed at this act, but she was more concerned with him drawing attention to the two of them. However, as she looked down at him with one fist behind his back and the other placed over his heart, she tilted her head slightly. He looked just like a knight bowing to a queen, waiting for the royal sword to be tapped upon his shoulders.

"I am disease, a plague to all those who stood before. 'Anzo', a name cursed to bind a soul such as mine."

"Anzo," she said his name quietly to herself as he lifted his head and met his eyes with hers.

"If 'Anzo' sits heavy on the tongue, cast it away. Bring new life with another binding, one that the oceans in your eyes will ebb to."

He spoke about himself in an odd way, as if the name he was giving her hadn't been his own. Not to mention, he was giving her the option to change it as if it wouldn't be the first time someone picked a name for him. This wasn't terribly surprising, though. He was a demon, after all, so for him to have former masters was completely natural. What peaked her curiosity was what reason there was for him having been without a master before this game was set up and she was selected to be partnered with him. If she asked, he'd probably feel obligated to answer her, but it didn't feel all that important to her at the moment. Besides, her attention had shifted to the commotion the other people in the station were making. It seemed the scarf-boy had upset the cat-eared demon for some reason or other.

"Attention. Demons and Masters. The games have begun, proceed to your apartments scattered about Tokyo."

Here eyes quickly darted around in search of the voice that echoed throughout the station, but her line of vision was quickly blocked by Anzo's back as he stood in front of her defensively. As the voice continued, though, she understood who is must belong to. This voice belonged to the one who had left the letter for her to meet here.

"No killing until everyone has gotten home. No following each other home either as that wouldn't be very sporting now would it?"

"So our host shows himself at last." Or rather, he more like announced himself.

"Also. . . Akio. If you attempt to text your gay-lover again. . . Something will happen to him and none of us want that now do we? And Tohrushiki . . . Foolish child, didn't I tell you not to lose it? For this you will be punished."

She had taken a small step to the side and leaned over slightly to watch the scene from behind Anzo who remained in front of her. So Akio was the name of the human boy who had been standing next to her early, and Tohrushiki was the name of the cat-eared demon, who had collapsed to the ground in pain as soon as the voice had finished speaking. Kagari didn't flinch at the sight of blood that Tohrushiki had coughed up, but she did feel her eyes widened ever-so-slightly. The voice was not just a voice, after all.

"Time is little. Take your final bows."

Kagari took a step back, watching the others slowly depart for a few seconds before reaching into her pocket and pulling out her phone. She wouldn't be allowed to make contact with her mother, or anyone else from here on out until this game was over. In that case...

'28 Missed Calls'
'18 Unread Voice Messages'

Most of these were from her mother, with two or three being from her manager. She pulled open her mothers contact and tapped her thumb on the screen. This would cause a riot anyway, but it would be better than disappearing without a word.

-Won't be home for a while-

With that text being sent, she opened up the only two contacts on her phone and blocked them for now. It would be annoying to have her phone constantly vibrating the entire time she was gone.

"Make haste, red paints the furniture, and paints the eyes of the hungry. Starving I am not, but I do not wish to fill the bellies of others, either."

"Right," she said as she slid her phone back into her pocket. She gave him a small smile as she began to walk with him. "I don't think you'd have the right taste. Personally I think the somewhat plump one's are best. Soft and easy to chew."

Maybe that joke was in poor taste, but she felt the need to say something to try and lighten the mood a little after the events that had just occurred. As they approached the exit, Anzo moved ahead to hold the door open. She felt no need to say thank you, as she was used to having people cater to her this way. Come to think of it, the only time she ever opened a door herself was when she was alone.

"My heart is held only by you, wield it well."

She stopped in her tracks as she stepped through the exit. "Anzo, it means 'giant' I think, right?" She looked away from him again and continued forward, giving him no time to answer before she spoke again. "I like it."