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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Chad laughed lightly at Honey's retort about how far gone in his sleep he had been. She was probably right, which was no offense to her. It would be a treat, her being naked and all, but Chad probably would have slept through that. As much time as he put into work during the weekday and sometimes on the weekend, once he was out for the night, it typically was the case unless one of his friends managed to keep him up. He only smiled warmly at her when she leaned her forehead down against his, allowing himself to take in her always tantalizing scent. No, but he could really wake up to this more often. "I have no objections to offering my assistance with that," he told her on a laugh and, because he somehow felt bolder whenever he was around Honey, Chad pecked her lips lightly before she climbed off to confront her family.

When Honey returned with food, Chad's face brightened a bit. He wasn't starving yet, but he would never turn down pancakes. It was one of his mom's favorite things to cook whenever she did actually cook meals, so he had developed a preference for them at a young age. Syrup and fruits probably aided in that little fact, but he graciously accepted what Honey brought food. He was relatively surprised by her enjoyment of Pokémon; he and Ricky still had their collectible poké-balls with limited edition cards from when they were kids, and he was pretty sure he still had the games on DS. Which was definitely something he found himself not wanting to admit just yet. Apparently, in his time of mentally telling himself that he wouldn't prove how much of a dork he actually was, Honey had been messing with her hair and obviously came to some conclusion because the smile on her face told him he would be obeying any command that she gave him. Chad laughed a bit when she lightly bit his lower lip while trying to coax him to simply get his things delivered to her place, which definitely almost didn't get caught since he was partly distracted by what she was doing. Before he could go ahead and tell her he would do what she wanted, Honey gave him the look and he found himself blushing at it, melting at her gaze. "Ok, ok. You already won. No need to break a man with the eyes." He said jokingly before getting a piece of pancake with a berry on top and extending it to her.

Sienna laughed in pure amusement at Erik proving that he was obviously not a morning person. It was definitely entertaining and while she understood, she also felt another part of him being very much awake, which had her smirking like a Cheshire cat on the inside. She didn't refuse when he pulled her down for another kiss, her hair falling on either side of her face. She responded for only a moment, sliding her lips against his smoothly while swiping her hair behind her ears before pulling away so that they were just a breath's distance apart. " much as I would love this to continue, Shay's got breakfast waiting downstairs and I'm pretty sure her mom would kill me if we did anything in her house." Sienna shuddered at the thought. Not many parents scared or intimidated her. However, Shailene's mother? Oh, that woman had the death stare of an entire army and Sienna was bold, but she wasn't that bold. Afterwards, she rolled off of him so that she was on her feet and then extended her hand to him. "Come on, you'll love the food here."

While Sienna was doing gods know what upstairs with her mysterious beau, Shailene was making plans on her phone, having just gotten off a call when she realized Ricardo was staring directly at her. "Unless you're new hobby is being creepy, why are you looking at me like that?" Ric drank the last of his mimosa. "You're up to something." She made a face, as if trying to deny it, before sighing. "I'm trying to be a good friend. I usually hang out with Allie, but Linn needs me and Allie doesn't. I'm thinking of us doing an unofficial photo shoot at one of the studios, trying on some of the latest and getting pampered. Then afterwards, we can catch a late lunch or dinner at Providence." Ric nodded, impressed, but not surprised. Shailene was typically prepared for anything, which was one of the big reasons why he had been glad when she met Alessandra. Allie kept her on her toes and stopped Shay from being a professional, but a teenager. "You're not meeting everyone at the beach?" He asked and she shrugged, finished with her meal just as he was. "Depends on what she wants, not forcing her to do anything she doesn't want to and I personally don't need a catfight today." With that said, Shailene rose and pushed her chair back under the table, grabbing up her keys and purse on the way. "Tell Sia I'll see you guys some time later, perhaps." She pecked Ric's cheek one more time before heading out, sliding on a pair of Chanel shades as she sent out a text.

To: Linn
Girl day is def happening and you have no choice. Omw now.