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located in Earth, a part of God Game, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Zadkiel could feel something akin to relief wash over her as she passed through the doors of the crowded station and into the bright sunlight that seemed to await her outside. The sounds of the city where everywhere; car horns, voices of your average passerby, and just the daily "heartbeat" of the city so to speak providing her with a strange assault of sound as she simply stood there a moment rooted to spot as if she was dumbfounded by all of this. It would take the sound of Akio's footsteps beside her however to stir her from this trance as she hurriedly took a few good strides to catch up with her partner as he moved through the streets, his eyes glued to the sheet of paper in his hands. Zadkiel gave him a sideways glance as if watching him for a moment before returning to her childlike sightseeing around her as her head seemed to always at the moment on a swivel. The human world had change since she had last viewed it in full, but she did suppose a good hundred years had passed since her imprisonment and knowing the ever forward driven humans they would not stop until they reach the pinnacle of progress...that was if they didn't kill each other off in their conflicts first. The demon continued onward following Akio before he seemed pause as finally the boy next to her began to speak.

"Finally I got a chance to speak. Let me reply your earlier statements first."

The demon fixed her attention on the boy, but kept her eyes locked straight forward on the ground ahead of her. It was time to hear what her "master's" thoughts were on this matter at hand.

"First, can you please just address me by my first name? Or even if you wanted, just Aki is fine. You said you didn't really want it to be too formal, so do I, whether I'm a Master as they called or not. And second, you said that in order to win then I've to accomplished such atrocities. You don't have to be worried about that. I've stained my hands with the blood of so many bastards and do many other terrible things to survive and protect my own brother. Trust me, I've already decided that I will show no mercy under whatever circumstances. And about what you've just said, I don't mind you staying by my side and protect me or anything likes that. It wouldn't be wise to up against things that you've never got any experience with rashly. Anyhow, I understand you might think that I'm weak, that I'm not significant in any aspects. But know what? I once slit the throats of a whole gang with 5 assholes double-sized bigger than me."

The demon seemed to listen quietly to his words, her expression seemingly in a constant state of apathy. However the words themselves had reached home deep under the mask she wore outwardly. He had wished her to call him by his first name or by his pet name as if they had known one another from quite some time. She was not sure what to think of this, but it was better than having her bow before him and if only for that little bit of seeming respect for her she would in turn honor that request. The next little bit of news was taken with slightly mixed feelings on her part in the matter, but at least he was competent in the art of killing which would make things much easier in the the long run she supposed. None to less the idea that a human of Akio's age had done such things brought of pang of pity for the boy who had his innocence stripped from him though she began to wonder why such emotions still lingered after all had she not fallen so many years ago? The demon gave a slight nod as he finished this with his own promise. As it turned out this Akio Hakudoshi had turned out to be quite interesting indeed.

The had continued to walk for a while more before they reached the structure that they would call home for the time they where bound together. It seemed like as nice enough little apartment from the outside as it was off the beaten path of most travels which made it all the better to her as in this game seclusion at times was a good thing. She stood behind Akio coming uncomfortably close to him in the process as if she were unconsciously trying to act as a literal body shield while he had stopped to open the door. However once the door swung open she began to back out of his personal space before following him into the apartment revealing the inside of the place.

It was surprisingly nice though the lavishness didn't appeal to the demon as much as it did her partner, though one could not say she didn't enjoy the opening feeling of the place. She could hear Akio begin to move off while exclaiming his pleasure at their room and board before she shook her head slightly. "I would have preferred something a bit more utilitarian..." She muttered slightly as she followed him down the hallway to the door of his room in which he stopped before turning to her.

"We should have a small break first after all that had happened, don't you think? When our minds are cleared, we can discuss our tactics. Feel free to enter should you need me but I hope you'll knock first. Basic civilities."

The demon opened her mouth as if to protest something as the human began to close the door before closing it once more. "As you wish.." where the final words she uttered before the door was closed though they seemed to contain some level of irritation to them. The plan the fallen angel had drawn up in her head already was they she would reside in his quarters in order to stand guard over the human in case of some sort of danger, but it seemed this was not to be the case. The angel stood outside the door a moment in silence before proceeding to her own room. In comparison to Akio's room it was by all means a utilitarian space, it's space void save everything but a desk, a bed with a side table and shelving and a small television set. The demon set her bag down next to the bed after she had shut door before making her way back over to her bed as she fell backwards onto it. She closed her eyes a moment as she lay there the sounds of birds chirping outside the window being the only things that would dare make its way into the room as her mind went over the events of the last few days before finally she opened her eyes with a pained look coming across her facade as she stared upwards at the ceiling as if asking a silent question to the heavens above, to which in truth had long ago forsaken her.