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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Turning the shower dials off the water came to a trickle before shutting off completely. Stepping out of the glass shower and onto the the white towel that greeted her feet she did a quick pitter pat on the towel then slipped on her flip-flops that were placed right in front of the floor towel. Walking over to the towel rack that was situated by her bathtub she took her body towel and wrapped it around her waist. Walking in the direction of the door she stopped at the sink and got her toothpaste and the dental floss down out of the medicine cabinet. She flossed her teeth first (which took about four minutes) then brushed them (which was about six minutes) before finally swishing 2 teaspoonfuls of Listerine Total Care Plus Whitening in her mouth for a minutes and spitting into her sink. With her oral hygiene taken care of she moved on to her morning skincare regime. Recently Demi Lovato had sent her the products from her new skincare line; Devonne. Jasmine absolutely loved the products and she used them every morning. Her morning skincare regime took about twenty minutes every morning. She used the deep facial cleanser, the hydrating radiance mist and the 3-in-1 moisturizer primer. The Devonne scent left her face smelling like a delicious mix of vanilla, lemon and lavender and she just loved the smell. Along with the how it made her face feel and look.

Opening her bathroom door she walked out of the bathroom and started walking towards her bed when she noticed her phone sitting on the small table in front of the couch. "So that's where I left that." She said speaking her thoughts aloud. Picking up her phone she saw that she had a message from Stella. "Here's the address. Btw, she's gonna record a cover or two before we start dancing, so if you wanna do something, you're more than welcome." Putting her phone back down after reading Stella's message she walked over to where her clothes were all laid out on her bed. She put on her bra and panties and then walked over to her vanity. She put on her deodorant, lotioned her body with her bombshells in bloom body lotion and spritzed herself with her bombshells in bloom perfume.

Going back to her bed she put on her American Apparel long sleeve crop top, her Young & Reckless 86 Bonnie No Clyde sweatpants and her Nike Air Max that were white, pink, grey and black. Part of Jasmine wanted to go downstairs and have breakfast put she already had close to half a dozen donuts to work off so she opted against it. She walked over to the couch and grabbed her phone off the table. The second she had her phone in her hands it began to ring. The background photo was of Jasmine and Alessandra at the Cosmo For Latina’s Fun Fearless Awards that they had gone to in New York over the summer. Tapping the green phone button she answered the call and placed her phone to her ear. "Shouldn't you be asleep right now?" Jasmine asked knowing it was around five in the morning and Sunday in Australia. "As if I could sleep. Aaliyah and her shiny plaything of the night fuck louder than fucking monkeys and while this hotel is beautiful - the walls are thin as shit apparently." Jasmine laughed as she sat down on the couch.

"I considered drinking a bit more in hopes of passing out like Alex, but I really don't want to experience the kind of hangover she will come the morning. Or mostly likely the afternoon." Jasmine pondered for a quick second before asking, "Who's Alex?" She could hear the sound of a fridge opening and than closing on the other end of the line. "Alex is Alexis. Apparently she is this model who surprisingly enough goes to Hollywood High. Crazy, right? Well Ali noticed her on the runway and after the show she ran into us at the afterparty and - well let's just say this bitch knows how to party. Like when I say the girl get's turnt up ... she gets turnt the hell up." Jasmine mused at the thought as it sounded like Alessandra had taken a moment to take a drink of something. "Anyways, speaking of parties and turning up ... how was the prep party?" What to talk about first? Jasmine thought to herself before just spilling everything. "Well for starters ... I met these twins." Chiming in before Jasmine could go any further Alessandra asked, "Those french speaking twins?" Jasmine didn't know what set of twins Alessandra was talking about. "No. What french speaking twins?" Alessandra did say anything at first as it sounded like she was drinking something again. "Never mind. Not relevant to the story. Go on with what you were saying." Jasmine just chuckled as she went back to what she was originally saying. "Okay, well, there is I guess now a second pair of twins attending Hollywood High because last night outside the club I met Tyler and Taylor. There both crazy hot and are transferring to Hollywood High. I'll point you in there direction at school."

"Looking forward to it." She could hear Alessandra yawn before her sister's voice came through the phone again. "Well I know that's not everything. Come on. Give me the dirt." Jasmine laughed as she rolled her eyes. "Also was Shay good last night? She wasn't like trashy or sloppy or anything like that right?" There was a mixture of tiredness and concern in voice when she asked about Shailene. "Shay was fine from what I saw. I'll be honest and say that I wasn't exactly babysitting her all night like I know you probably wanted me to, but I got distracted --" "By the hot twins." Jasmine laughed again. "Yes. By the hot twins. Hashtag sorry not sorry." Both girls laughed and Jasmine could hear Alessandra yawning again as the laughter died down. "I may not have been babysitting last night but it seems like Shay was. Every time I saw her she was with Linnaea. And your girl wasn't looking to be having all that much fun. Granted if Honey approached me the same way it looked like she did Linn last night I think my night would have been shot too. You know how I feel about drama."

There was a pause on the other end and just as Jasmine was about to ask if Alessandra was there thinking her sister had dozed off Alessandra spoke. "What the hell happened between Linn and Honey?!" Alessandra sounded a lot less tired and more angry and curious now. "Chill Allie. I'm sure it was nothing and if it wasn't I can't tell you what it was. All I know is Honey seemed to be in some kind of a mood last night. When I first got there it was her and Chad talking with Stella. Chad pretty much left the second I arrived and went where ever he went and Honey just seemed really pressed about something. Anyways, when Shay and Linn hit the dance room Honey excused herself leaving me, Stells and the twins at the bar and she went and said something to your girls. I'm not sure if she came back to the bar after that because I had walked the twins over to the body painting area. All I know is I got a goodbye text and I didn't see Shay or Linn until I was going home outside the club."

Jasmine wished she could see the look on Alessandra's face as she so wanted to know what was going through her sister's head at the moment. "Jazzy am tired. It sounds like Aaliyah and dude have stopped smashing, so I'm gonna try and get to sleep before they start round three. I may call you later on today. Or yesterday. I don't know with these damn timezones plus am fucking tired. I'll talk to you later. Have a good day and please do not stay in the house all day. We live in Cali am sure it's fucking beautiful outside." Jasmine giggled as she just nodded to her sister's words. "Yes ma'am. Now go get you some sleep. I'll talk to you when I talk to you. Love you Allie." "Love you too. TTYL." The line clicked and there was silence. Putting her phone down Jasmine just sighed. She hated drama and she hoped that telling Alessandra about last night wouldn't lead to any. She was just glad the conversation had ended before Allie could bring up Isaiah and his date with Angelina. Grabbing her laptop that was also on the small table she kicked up her feet onto the couch and went online to surf her social media.
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